7 thoughts on “Shoulder Labrum Tear Rehab Exercises

  1. Labrum surgery recovery?
    I know a typical SLAP labrum tear surgery takes about 6-12 months to reach 100%. I, however, am not repairing the labruml. It is a minor tear that just needs a small piece around the side to be cut out. Similar to how if one slightly tore a meniscus, they would just get the piece torn out, opposed to repairing a large section that is torn. How long will it take to recover to 100% from this procedure?

  2. Please Help? How to rehab a torn labrum on shoulder? Excersises, Tips please I need help.?
    I went to D-I AA school and they didn’t take care of me at all. I hurt my shoulder in October 2005, they took forever to give me an MRI got it in March 2006, then I got surgery on my shoulder in October 2006. Because of that NFL europa teams couldn’t sign me, cause I wasn’t healty.Guys, girls, doctors any one with excercises, tips, rehab references for me I will sure appreciate it. It feels a little better, but it feels like it’s shredded, i can’t do over the shoulder, it’s healing I know, but I want strenght…..

    • i kinda have the same problem. i partially tore my labrum in october 2005, and nothing showed up on the MRI until May 2006 after my gymnastics season was completed (it was my 4th MRI on the same shoulder by then). I tore 1/4 of my labrum i think and its almost a year since my surgery. For my complex sport, its going to take my well over a year to get 100% if possible. I bet you’re terrified to go back to the dr. cauz they can just do another surgery by looking in the actual shoulder arthroscopically. do the physical therapy exercises w/ the therabands. umm..you didnt really say what part of your shoulder hurts but im guessing it feels like a stretching rubber band deep inside your shoulder. if so, bands didnt work for me but they might for you. IM SORRY IF THIS DOESN’T HELP!

  3. Experience with a labrum repair (shoulder)?
    I’m a 20 year old female, and I was recently diagnosed with a severe labrum tear as well as cysts in the joint. I’ve completed physical therapy, and am now considering having my labrum repaired surgically. Before I make further plans, I was wondering if anyone has experience with this surgery, and could answer a few questions:

    1.) How effective is surgery?

    2.) How painful is surgery/recovery/rehab?

    3.) What is the recovery process like?

    4.) After surgery, will the arm be completely immobile (Ultrasling) or allow for some movement (standard sling)?

    Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Its a fairly successful surgery. However, the success is dependent on how compliant you are, the level of activity, the degree of the tear, the skill of the surgeon, etc. One limiting factor is whether the biceps attachment on the labrum is torn, this usually indicates a longer recovery.

      Recovery is painful, probably not as bad as a rotator cuff repair, but close.

      Recover pace is again variable, but expect to be doing very passive stuff for the first 8-12 weeks and no strengthening for up to 12 weeks. Throwing programs usually don’t start until 5-6 months if thats something in which you engage.

      I’ve never had anyone use an ultrasling…it seemed like it was a fad for awhile but a surgeon once told me that although people look more secure in external rotation, its not what he “sees” in surgery. Usually, its an immobilizer and you are able to come out of it a few times a day for some very gentle range of motion exercises.

  4. i tore my anterio/posterior labrum along with a strain to my cuff which was fixed on jun 6th. can i do pushups
    in february i tore my anterior/posterior labrum while sparring in MMA, i had surgery on it on june 6th and i ended up hurting my cuff as well. the doctor said i cant rehab it until the end of august(6 weeks after i was allowed to do theraband work) can i start doing pushups from the knees or any other mid-upper body workout yet?

    • Not unless you have to go back under the knife. Work your lower body and mid sections, but leave your shoulder alone. I’ve had eight- 8 – shoulder surgeries.

      LEAVE IT ALONE AND LET IT HEAL. RUSHING WILL ONLY SET YOU BACK. It could possibly do more damage because the structure is still unstable.

      Does your therapist have you doing Codman exercises? They can be done to tolerance, any pain is an indicator to back off and rest.

      Remember, that joint and socket are the most mobile in the body. They take a tremendous amount of punishment. You are young enough not to have had shoulder problems for 20 years or more, so, take it for what is worth from someone who is further down the road, allow it to heal and don’t push it. There are muscle groups that you can and should be concentrating on while your shoulder heals. The more damage the joint structure sustains, the more range of motion you will loose. With loss of range comes loss of strength and flexibility. What is really hard to understand is how you can develop arthritis because of your injuries. I have been worked on by some of the finest shoulder specialists in the world and they have all had the same advice. Take it slowly and it will come back as much as it is going to.

      Good Luck and work your lower abs.