18 thoughts on “Shoulder Pain Feels Like Toothache

  1. How does a chest pain feel if you are having a heart atcack?
    Is it a burning pain ?

    • Just about any discomfort between your belly button and your nose can be from a heart attack. Sometimes the discomfort is experienced burning sensation, and often as a pressure-like sensation (and patients will sometimes say “it’s not pain, it’s a pressure”), and it usually is in the chest, arm(s), shoulder(s), neck and/or jaw (in fact, patients have thought they had a toothache, and even had a tooth pulled b/o a heart attack). It also can be felt as abdominal discomfort, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. Often the heart attack is accompanied by anxiety, and the patient often reports being aware that “something really bad was happening.” It’s common for the patient to become diaphoretic (sweaty) during an attack.
      Elderly patients and those with diabetes often don’t have these “classic” symptoms, and sometimes have a “silent heart attack,” with no symptoms (that they remember) at all. Or they just feel very tired or exhausted.
      Similar but usually less severe symptoms often occur hours or days before the coronary artery becomes completely blocked and the real heart attack begins. Unfortunately, these warning symptoms are too often ignored by the patient…

  2. what are all the possible types of physical weaknesses provoked by anxiety?
    and what do they feel like?

    • Anxiety Symptoms:
      Smothering sensations and Shortness of breath
      Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations
      Chest Pain
      Lump in throat & Difficulty swallowing
      Skin losing colour (blanching)
      Shaking or shivering (Visibly or internally)
      Neck & shoulder pain & numbness in face or head
      Rapid gastric emptying
      Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea
      Symptoms of urinary tract infection
      Skin rashes
      Weakness in arms & tingling in the hands or feet
      Electric shock feeling anywhere in the body
      Dry mouth
      Fears of going mad or losing control
      Increased depression & suicidal feelings
      Symptoms like ‘flu’
      Distorted vision
      Disturbed hearing
      Hormone problems
      Headaches & feelings of having a tight band around head
      Sore eyes
      Creeping or pins and needles sensations in the skin
      Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell
      Dramatic increase in sexual feelings
      Pain in the face or jaw that resembles a toothache
      Derealisation and depersonalisation

  3. How can I ease frozen shoulder pain?
    I have a frozen shoulder and it is agony. My doctor has prescribed me co-codamol and it makes me feel so sick and dizzy. It does help to ease the pain but I can’t work feeling like this. Please help. I can’t sleep or do anything I am in so much pain.

    Can anyone help please.

    • I am very familiar with pain medications, what type of doctor prescribed you to Co-Codamol and what is the strength?

      Also Co-codamol contains two different medicines called codeine phosphate and paracetamol, which are most commonly used for toothaches, period pain, pain mild arthritis and to relieve the symptoms of colds, flu and sore throats.

      If your in a lot of pain still after taking this medication, and are feeling sick and nausea from it, then Codeine which is the Opiate or pain-med of this prescription is what is making you sick, even though it is one of the weaker pain medications it has bad side effects for certain patients. If I were you I would ask for Percocet, or Vikodin, usually Percocet’s work better with people that get sick from painkillers because it is Oxy-codone, vs. Hydrocodone in vikodin. The oxy’s usually work with pain better since it is slightly stronger and cleaner and hydro’s are slightly weaker and usually make you sick.

      If your doctor will not prescribe you this while you are waiting to get an MRI I would say have him refer you to a pain specialist which will prescribe you to something for your pain.

      I would get an MRI of your rotator cuff to further examine your shoulder to find out the underlying problematic issues with your shoulder.

  4. What are the symptoms of a future heart attack?
    I’m only 25 but I’ve been feeling alot of stress this week. I’ve been having heart palpatations and a “heavy” or “tension” feeling in my chest, upper back, and left shoulder, and sometimes upper left arm as well. I’ve been trying to relax. also sometimes when I breathe my chest feels a little tight or constricted.

    How serious are these symptoms? They are not quite as bad as they were yesterday. Should I just try some exercise today?

  5. How do I soothe raw nerve ending pain, after a severe sunburn?
    Recently I recieved a fairly severe sunburn. I am very fair with freckles. The burn was definate 2nd degree. Past red, it was purple and completely blistered. The tops of my back and shoulders recieved the worst level of burn. Now that the skin has healed I have had severe pain like raw nerve endings. It’s a itchy, burning, shooting, intense pain. I haven’t slept much for a week because it seems to be getting worse.

    I have tried nearly everything in my house. The later it is in the evening, it seems to get worse. Also any stimulation makes it worse. The worst part is it gets so itchy and the more I itch it, the more unbearably itchy it gets.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to soothe the pain and itching? Also, does anyone know about how long this irritation might last?
    didn’t even think about the oragel. Thanks

    • Try using NOXZEMA medicated cream. It is an old, old product used by women for years to remove make up. It is found in the health and beauty section of the department or drug store, and it comes in a deep cobalt blue colored jar with a lighter blue lid. It is a strong-smelling white cream.

      The reason this works for even severe sunburns is that it contains camphor and actually REDUCES SKIN TEMPERATURE ON CONTACT.

      If that doesn’t help you, try Oral-Gel. It is a toothache remedy. You’d have to use a lot of it, but it works by numbing the area (usually the tooth area, but I’ve used it on other skin areas for years).

      Have you seen your doctor or health care provider? They may prescribe a prescription cream for pain relief.

      I feel for you… I hope I’ve helped.

  6. How to get rid of pain? FAST ANSWERS PLEASE?
    I have an extremely sore toothache, I think it’s a cavity hitting the nerve?
    I also have a backache, lower back, between my shoulders, and on my neck.
    My throat is also unbelievably sore, feels like something sharp is stuck in it when I cough?
    Please help, I can’t stand it?

    I’ve taken pain killers, and I’ve tried Clove Oil for my tooth, what else could I possible do to get rid of the pain? Or at least numb the pain?
    Thanks in advance.

    • you need to numb the tooth with some oral numbing solution and make sure its strong enough because if it is your root normal solution wont work. go see a dentist to see what the problem is. your throat. i eat a lot of fruit and drink milk it should help. your back. lay down on a flat surface and try twisting your lower back from side to side. or bend backwards over a chair or a table.

  7. How can I get a simple assault charge raised to felony assault and attempted murder?
    Several months ago I was jumped by a friend while trying to retrieve my belongings from his house. I was thrown into a metal pole with great force with my arms locked at my side. I would have died, but I was able to swing my head just far enough to clear the pole, but I struck my neck and shoulder resulting in nerve damage and a separated shoulder joint. The doctors have exhausted their resources and say the chronic pain could last for life. It affects my ability to work as the left side of my body feels like a giant toothache and is aggravated by movement. Additionally my toe was broken on my other side which leaves me with chronic pain as well as no good leg to stand on.
    I have no doubt that my friend threatened my life and has ruined my life. The only reason I survived was because I let my body go limp before striking the pole and I was able to clear my head. He threw me over 13 feet total distance with my head and jaw striking the concrete sidewalk at the base of the stairs.

    How can I communicate to the prosecutor that this was an attempt on my life that needs to be taken seriously? I have medical records to substantiate my injuries, but I know the aggressor is wealthy enough to afford any attorney. I feel like I’ve got the weight of the world on me medically and legally. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • If this person is wealthy you might have a lawsuit. I would contact an attorney, some attorneys will take on a case and only get paid if they win. As far as the criminal case I’m sure the state attorney will go after the worse charges he/she can.

  8. What diagnosis could my JAW symptoms indicate?
    Two days ago, I had a little scratch inside my cheek (from my teeth?)…then my jaw started hurting. This morning, it was a bit better, but by the evening, it got worse. I cannot hold my jaws shut normally or clench them without great pain, but pain is also notable when relaxed. Pain now extends from my ear area to my neck on the front and side where the jaw hurts. I have no tooth pain. The scratch inside my mouth is a normal cheek scratch and doesn’t hurt too badly itself so may have nothing to do with it. Pain extends in my jaw towards the side and front but the WORST pain is in the muscles at the corner of my jaw. It is getting worse.

    I looked up tetanus and it is not “spasming” so I doubt it’s that, but the region is similar. Any ideas?

  9. Can tootheache cause my neck pain? How much are fillings?
    I’ve had this toothache lasting for almost a week now. And my back 2 molars are the problem I think. And I have this neck pain and right shoulder pain, but I’m not sure if it’s because I slept wrong. Do you think I can get this pain from my tootheache? Also, how much do you think it is to get fillings? I dont’ have dental insurance and I’m scared to ask my parents to pay this bill.

    • Go to the ER and get some pain And antibiotics if the teeth are infected you will feel pain all over the Doctor can give a referral to a place where you you can get a reduce fee the ER visit will cost you couple hundred but you can pay over time or call social services and they might can tell you where you can go. but it;s not going to get any Better by doing nothing. i know what you are going thorough if you go Straight to a dentist you are going to pay 250/300 to pull them and they going to want the money then maybe you can pay haft up front and bill you the rest good luck.