24 thoughts on “Pain In Left Rib Cage When Laying Down

  1. I have a pain under my left rib, What is it?
    I get this pain in my left rib every time I lay down. It feels as if someone is stabbing up my left rib cage. It has been occurring for the past year and a half. It also starts to hurt when i am lounging. What is this and how do i fix it?

    • type in costochondritis in web search for symptoms – not really sure what you problem is but if you have pain for over a year I really think its about time you see your Md

  2. Why does my stomach hurt when i breathe deeply?
    I’m 17 male and currently recovering from a flu. A couple days ago I started having pains in my upper left abdomen, just below my rib cage. When I breathe in deeply it’s like a sharp pain and dull at the same time. I guess it’s in between. It only happens when I breathe deeply other than that I’m fine. I have been in bed a lotfor the past three days cause I had a flu but now I feel much better. It hurts more when Im laying down and I breathe deep. I can also feel it all the way up to my left neck muscle. I’m guessing it’s a pinched nerve or I’ve been in bed curled up too long? Can you guys please tell me what this is? I want to hear something common that a lot of people get not something serious. Thanks

  3. I have a pain beside my stomach under the rib cage HELP?
    I have this pain on the left side like below the stomach under the rip cage every time I try to lay straight down it hurts more when stand feels like someone staffing me I went to hospital once but they said nothing wrong with me
    1 hour before I ate 3 slices of pizza (little ceasers) and hope this has nothing to do with it I weigh 48 pounds and im 15 years old
    yes I weigh 48 pounds I try and gain weight but I only eat when hungry and is it normal to eat every day?

  4. Could it be possible that my appendix is in my left side instead of right?
    I have a pain in my left side and it’s been there for a few days. It only hurts when I am eating or laying down. and it feels a lot like a “stitch” in my side.

    • It’s possible, but it’s exceptionally rare. That being said, occasionally people have referred pain (pain that goes to a different part of the body) when they have appendicitis. Although it’s usually to the back or a feeling like heartburn. If your pain is higher up on the left of your abdomen (like right below your rib cage) it’s probably your stomach. If it’s a little lower it could be your spleen, gas, or ovarian pain. If it’s bothersome, I would certainly check with your doctor as you can’t be too careful. Good luck and I hope you feel better! :)

  5. I was in excrutiating pain for the last four days with pain in lower back below rib cage.?
    When I lay down it still feels like something is pushing on my lungs and is hard to breath. If I lie on my left side it dose not hurt anymore that is.

  6. I have pain below my rib cage what might this be?
    The pain is coming from my left side just below my rib cage. Some times it feels like it is behind the lowest part of my rib cage and sometimes it feels lower. It hurts when I lay on my stomach and when I bend down or just sitting upright, the pain comes and goes. What could this be, its hard to explain what the pain feels like but it kind of feels like a burning ache? Its only been 2 days. What do you think?

    • i get these all the time, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just something like a cramp/growing pain.

      Just try and stretch it out by standing up and going for a walk around the house or something. They’ll go off and come on again. If it gets worse see some family members or even a doctor just to be sure :)

  7. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and having very sharp pains in my left rib cage, but the baby seems to be on the right?
    Just two days ago I started having very sharp pains in my left rib cage. But my daughter seems to be on my right side and she is head down and in position for labor. Its making it very hard to walk and lay down. Please help me!
    Also she used to lay in my right rib cage but since she dropped I can still feel movement there ( not half as painful as it use to be) so I am not thinking she could be pushing them.

  8. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and when I lay on my left side I feel like something is pulling on my right side it hurt?
    I do feel like something is in their feels tight. Like if a muscle is pulling hurts when I press down its located below my rib cage.Is this normal?

    • Yes it is definitely normal. I’m 18 weeks myself and I get them all the time. They are called round ligament pains. It’s just the muscles/tendons/ligaments that hold your uterus in place expanding and strengthening with the growth of the uterus.

      They are usually brief but sharp and stabbing (for me anyway). There isn’t a whole lot you can do about them. I just lie on the opposite side of the pain with a body pillow between my legs for support and it usually calms them down enough to be bearable.

      I would say take a tylenol, but by the time it starts working the pain is usually gone anyway.

      But I wouldn’t worry too much, I’ve been having these pains throughout the whole pregnancy and it is perfectly normal.

      Good Luck Hun :-)

  9. I had a c section on wednesday. What pain is normal, what are your experiences?
    I had a c section wednesday as my water had brocken and i did not go into labour. i am having pain in my left lower abdoman and if i lay on my left side, when i sit up it feels like i’m tearing something and it burns. so now i lay on my right side instead. is this a normal pain? and what did you go through?

    • Well I had my son on 1/12/13. I also had a c-section. When I was in the hospital I never felt a pain like something was tearing, but I did when I cam home and tried to lay on my side. It felt like something was going to rip open. I only felt a little bit of a burning sensation in the hospital, but several weeks (2) I felt a horrible burning sensation. I think I was over doing it. So the pain you are feeling is normal! Just try and take it easy, accept help, and try and get someone to help you get up out of bed and up walking. The sooner you walk the better. I had the most major pain in my rub cage and shoulders. Everytime I layed down and then tried breathing, I got a VERY sharp pain in my rib cage and shoulders. I talked to my doctor and he told me that was normal and that it was probably gas. Gas can build up under the ribs and it can hit 2 nerves in the diaphragm which can cause pain in the shoulders. It goes away in a few days. I hope you feel better, it will take some time to feel recovered. Remember to take it easy and congrats on the baby!

  10. Is anyone allergic to Aspartame or other artificial sweeteners? If so, does any one have joint pain?
    I lost a lot of weight and, to do so, I changed from regular soda (drank very little of it) to diet soda (mostly diet Coke – drinking almost every day – sometimes two glasses a day). I had no back pain, knee pain, back popping sounds before I lost weight. I though I would be healthier (lost about 50 lbs) but now I am in so much pain – espcially on the left side of my back – area of my ribs. I can even seem to “push” the rib cage forward and it pops and feels better for a while. I also feel better standing up than sitting, or laying down.

    Someone has suggested I could have an allergy that is causing severe arthritis (I am over 50 yrs old).

    Any help at all would be appreciated – I have gone to more than one doctor and they can’t seem to find anything difinitive. I have done physical therapy and continue to walk as often as possible.

    Thanks for any help – I am living with it – but I sure would like to spend a few days pain free. Any ideas?

    • Diet coke has aspartame in it. You may want to cut it out from your diet for good. Drinking even in small amounts, over the long term, can also accumulate in your body and cause damage.

      Conventional doctors or anyone who stands to gain financially from the sale of aspartame would not buy the story that aspartame can kill.

      Here’s an article that you can read

  11. why do i have pain under my rib cage?
    I have pain under my rib cage in the front of my body & in the back of it too, i could barely walk when i sit or lie down it hurts & when im laying down & try to switch positions it hurts too when i even sneeze it hurts what is this ?

    • The pain is caused by a pinched back muscle that is sending the pain around your body on a nerve to become a pain in your rib, chest or heart areas. The muscle is being pinched by your spine so movements of your spine is causing more or less pinching on the nerve for the changes in pains and a sneeze just compresses your spine to cause the pain. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles to release the ones being pinched and here’s how to free them up:
      (do while sitting on a chair)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front, and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm as straight as possible. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, then release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

  12. PLEASE tell me what would cause a PAINFUL seam looking line?
    It’s on the left side on and below my rib cage. It’s only visible if I stretch out the skin.

    It’s not stretch marks and it has no coloration to it.

    It’s one straight down line from the bottom of my ribcage to my waist line.

    It only hurts if I touch it or lay on it. It’s a mild pain.
    It’s bumpy looking, too.

    • I could be completely wrong but it sounds like you fell asleep on your side in a shirt/top with a very prominent seam running up the side that left a deep imprint. Should be gone in a matter of hours.

  13. Why do i have Pain in Rib Cage Please Help?
    Every tinme i lay down to go to sleep, i can’t lay on my left side because i get sharp stabbing pains around my rib cage. When i get the sharp stabbing pains, it only happen when i try to breath in. Does anyone know why i have sharp stabbing pains in my rib cage when i breath in, when i’m laying down?

    • If you have bumped yourself, the pain may be due to a rib fracture. There is very little that can be done about this other than pain relief and deep breathing exercises to help prevent a chest infection.
      If you have had no injury, the pain may be due to something called ‘chostro-condritis’ which is an inflammation of the cartilege where the ribs attach. The best relief for this would be anti-inflammatory pain relief.
      The other causes (much less likely because of your symptoms) would include pleurisy (inflammation of the pleura lining the inside of the chest) or chest infection.

  14. I have Mono, and I was sitting on my couch when I felt a sharp pain underneath my left rib cage. Is that bad?
    I have Mono, and I’ve heard that your spleen can enlarge, but I was just sitting down, I wasn’t doing anything dangerous, and I felt an EXTREME pain underneath my left rib cage. Now, I know that you can feel pain when laying on it, and if somebody hits you there it could possibly rupture, but what if you’re just sitting down? Should I have my mom take me to the doctor, or will it be fine?