28 thoughts on “Pain In Left Rib Cage When Coughing

  1. i have a pain under my left ribs when i cough or laugh?
    okay so i woke up this morning and i didn’t notice it that much but later through the day it was hurting when i cough or laugh or sneeze. the pain is just below my left rib cage,i have done heaps of googleing and just can’t find anything.please help!

    • Could be a muscle spasm, or lactic acid buildup. Doesn’t sound too serious.

  2. What happens is pleurisy goes untreated?
    I think i have pleurisy. I’ve had sharp pains in my upper left chest where your rib cages are closest together for about 2 weeks now. It comes randomly but recently usually 1-3 times day. Sometimes it stays for over 3 hours, or sometimes just 30 minutes. I’ve only had quickness of breathe once or twice during this time. I’ve also recently gotten a cold so it can be hard to cough at times, but besides that it doesn’t really affect how I go about my day. Should I see a doctor? What could happen if i don’t?
    I’m 17 years old.

    • Pleurisy cases are classified either as having pleural effusion or as being “dry.” Pleural effusion is more common and refers to an accumulation of fluid within the pleural space, dry pleurisy is inflammation without fluid build-up. Less pain occurs with pleural effusion because the fluid forces the membrane surfaces apart. However, pleural effusion causes additional complications because it places pressure on the lungs. This leads to respiratory distress and possible lung collapse. If left untreated, a more serious infection may develop within the fluid, called empyema.


      Organ failures:

      Liver failure–Cirrhosis
      Kidney or rneal failure–uremia, nephritic syndrome.

      Contact a physician immediately. Call 911 if you have high fever, pain, or difficulty breathing.
      I hope this helps you. And good luck.

  3. What does it mean when you have a sharp pain under your left breast that shoots up to your shoulder/arm?
    I’m 16 + i have since about mid-march been having really bad panick attacks. To where i think i’m going to die + tremors…etc. I also think i’m my heart is going to stop + freak out. The last attack was in the beginning of June…i called the ambulance b/c i was convinced my heart had stopped. They hooked me up to monitors + said that i was fine.

    Since then…i’ve been having really bad random pains above my rib cage on the left side. I looked it up + it said that i could have PCS-Precordial Catch Syndrome. They listed things that i should look out for if its not that. I have almost all of the symptoms::
    Chest pain that extends into the left side of the jaw or arm
    a cough that produces phlegm
    Extreme anxiety with the pain or a feeling of “impending doom”
    Blueness or paleness of the lips or fingernails
    An irregular, rapid, or pounding heart rate
    Marked difficulty breathing or catching one’s breath

    So, i really think that you could help.

    • First of all , stop trying to self diagnose, there is a reason doctors go to school for so long and specialize and it’s because the human body is extremely complex and when you add the way our brains work it’s just crazy to try to figure out on Web MD.

      You could be having something as harmless but scary as chest wall spasms.

      Go and talk to a doctor, or find a clinic that deals with stress induced physical problems. Or take a stress analysis test to see how you deal with stress, Stress alone can cause the symptoms you describe.

  4. What should i do about some side pain right under my rib cage?
    My left side hurts right under my rib cage Every time i breath in or lay on this side. Especially when i sneeze or cough or anything. I was just wondering if this was normal or should i be worried? Does anybody have any suggestions? It started about a week ago.

    • Do you cough up sputum? If so what colour is it? If it is green or yellow you have an infection in your lungs. To me, I would have a physician listen to your lungs and get an x-ray. IMHO, it sounds like it could be bronchitis or pneumonia. You don’t have to be sick and confined to bed to have either; often we try to ignore the symptoms and continue on with our routine, and it’s one of these conditions.

  5. What are symptoms of an appendix bursting?
    Im having really bad pains on the left side, its on my tummy to the bottomof my left rib cage.

    • Most people with appendicitis have classic symptoms that a doctor can easily identify. The main symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain.

      The abdominal pain usually

      * occurs suddenly, often causing a person to wake up at night
      * occurs before other symptoms
      * begins near the belly button and then moves lower and to the right
      * is new and unlike any pain felt before
      * gets worse in a matter of hours
      * gets worse when moving around, taking deep breaths, coughing, or sneezing

      Other symptoms of appendicitis may include

      * loss of appetite
      * nausea
      * vomiting
      * constipation or diarrhea
      * inability to pass gas
      * a low-grade fever that follows other symptoms
      * abdominal swelling
      * the feeling that passing stool will relieve discomfort

  6. What would be the reason for upper central abdominal pain?
    Sunday I was running pretty fast and fell and tumbled/rolled pretty hard on the ground. My left lower rib area is sore, especially when I take a deep breath, cough, or laugh. And today (tuesday) when I woke my upper abdominal region right below my rib cage is really sore anytime I move. What could be causing these pains. I’m pretty sure that I bruised my ribs but I’m not sure whats causing the abdominal soreness.

    • you should see your doctor and make sure your rib did not puncture anything important or to make sure that you did not break your rib

  7. What do you call this pain on the side of the rib cage?
    I sneezed so hard that I know something went wrong inside. Two days later I have to call emergency because it was excruciatingly painful and hard to breath. X ray showed nothing, MRI showed nothing. The pain was on the left side of my rib cage. I was given some antibiotic (Augmentin tabs) but am not sure if it really work. I felt it for more than 3 months. That happened in March this year.
    Last month, while at dinner time I sneezed not as hard but I got the same symptoms on my right side around my rib cage. I had an xray done and ultrasound performed but nothing showing up.
    Today I have a CT-Scan and hopefully get results this week. During the ultrasound test I felt the pain on my left side to came back. There is some part of my skin that seems to swell or numb
    but the feeling inside when I sort of cough or sneeze is like a tightening and pulling pressure inside. Only thing I noted was a sort of springlike movement on at the edge of my ribs when I push my finger.

  8. How long do chest muscles take to recover after bad cough?
    Had a bad cold (ALOT of coughing) last week that I am over with now but now I have been left with alot of pain along the bottom section of my rib cage. At first it was both left and right sides but now it is mainly on the right side.

    Have checked here and found that it may be a pulled or sore muscle so I am curious how long is a reasonable amount of time for this to heal?

    • Doing a quick search below…and seems right from what My mom would say…if it lasts more than 7 days or gets worse before then…contact a dr. Read more below…says for pediatrics..but hey applys to all.

  9. for months have a mild pain/ache coming from lungs at bottom of the left rib cage. any ideas?
    most of the time its from the left lung (bottom of rib cage) and occasionaly same area in right lung. hard to describe feeling..like a mild stich might feel. seen doc 6wks ago..who suggested might stem from a really bad chest infection previously.mild pain/ache comes and goes usually when doing any physical movement and also sometimes when just sitting down . seems unusual to have been like this for so long. any ideas?

    • Yes I had this problem and I got told was lung infection, given a course of antibiotics and sent home :( took about 2 months to clear up, was coughing up white stuff for last two weeks

  10. I have a sharp pain on my left rib cage that is bothering me, could you tell me what it might be?
    About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my left rib cage hurt whenever I would sneeze,cough or breath in heavily. I also started noticing that it hurt to the touch. At first I thought maybe it was a bruised rib but after thinking about it I really haven’t done anything that would have put that much stress on my body. I was hopeing someone on here could give me some input on my situation.

  11. Pain underneath left rib cage from cough?
    I’ve recently developed a pain underneath my left rib cage. the pain is worst when i begin to cough. ive had a chronic cough for little over a month now and have been taking antibiotics for Pertussis. To more isolate where the pain is, i can say its when i press right underneath my left rib cage..more to my side….not on my abs or anything
    any ideas on what it could be?

  12. What does pain under right rib cage mean?
    Ive had this strong pain under my right rib cage. Kinda like a strong cramp and It hurts to move or breathe sometimes. The only way i dont feel it is while im pressing on it. It goes away for a little then comes back, I havent been able to eat well cause everything I eat I feel like or throw it up. Any help ??

    • Last year I went to my dr for a pain very similar to yours. It was on my left side, and it felt like it was under my ribs. Actually, it ended up being the intercostal muscle of the ribs. Everyone has these muscles in between each rib. It can begin to spasm causing the pain due to excessive exercising, coughing, laughing, or anything that uses these muscles. He put me on a muscle relaxer to relax the muscle and taught me a breathing exercise which made the pain go away instantly. Take a deep breath, hold it in, and while you’re holding it in, push your stomach out and count to ten while doing this. Repeat two more times. It helped stretch the muscle out and the pain went away!
      I would check with your dr to make sure it is nothing serious though.

  13. What is the pain in my left side coming from?
    I have an intense stabbing pain in my left side, right under my rib cage. The whole left side under my rib cage down to my hip hurts so bad I want to pass out. It hurts to breathe, and to cough. It also hurts when I move. The pain is only getting worse. This has been going on since Friday.

  14. How long should I wait to go see the doctor I think I hurt my kidney while doing jujitsu?
    I think it is my kidney area. The pain is coming more toward my back on my left side below the rib cage area. It hurts when I cough or sneeze and when I sleep on my left side. It has been about a week. I can’t rest it right now because I’m training for a tournament.

    • If this pain is very unique, and in your side back area, its worth a check up. I got in a bad motorcycle crash and just thought i got banged up. i had a bad pain in my lower back side area, about 3 hours after the crash i lost consiousness and was run to the hospital where they found i had torn my liver and kidney. ended up pretty close to death. It could just be a bruise, or a cracked rib if it has already been a week though. hope you got insurance!