27 thoughts on “Pain In Left Rib Cage That Feels Like A Cramp

  1. I have ocasionally a severe stabbing like pain?
    in my chest on the left hand side, it then turns into a dull throbbing heavy feeling which is a nagging kind of pain like a very mild cramp. Quite often when not experiencing this, I get a sharp pain and discomfort in the left side, just at the side of my rib cage towards my back, it is is one very direct spot which does not radiate. It has been on going now for some time. Can any one give some info?

  2. What is the cause for this pain on my ribs?
    On my left rib cage, I always get these random sharp pains. I’ve had them since I was about 6 or 7 and I’m 14 now. Nothing bad ever happened between that because of these pains, but I’m still curious.

    They’d usually come and go, & the more deeply I breathe, the sharper the pain is.
    It feels like a giant needle or something like that is being poked at on my rib.

    But it disappears after a few minutes.
    Does anybody know what this could be?
    And yeah, I should probably see the doctor, I know.

    • OMG!!!
      i get those too
      idk what they are and they dont happen all that often
      but it hurts like a mother!!
      i kinda feel like they’re cramps
      but idk

  3. How do you tell if the baby has turned/dropped?
    I am due 7/27, and cannot tell if the baby has dropped. I feel vaginal pressure and cramping, but I still see her feet kicking out my left side. Is there any way to tell, shouldn’t her feet be near my rib cage?

    Thank you in advance for any answers! Good luck to all the pregnant woman, stay strong!

    • Along with the pain that you are feeling, you will also be able to breath easier. If the baby has dropped, she can stretch out a little more, and that is why you still feel the kicks the same.

  4. is a swollen spleen associated with pain in your abdomen such as when you run?
    i know that you can get cramps in your stomach during running if you are dehydrated, but i have had some mono symptoms and today after running a couple feet i got a worse cramp feeling than normal on my left upper abdomen right below my ribs. my cramps are usually on my right side.

    • Amber – It’s time to have your doctor examine your belly (abdomen) to see if she/he can feel an enlarged spleen. At the same time a blood count and rapid Monospot test can be done for possible infectious mononucleosis. One of the possible changes with mononucleosis is enlargment of the spleen. The spleen has to be enlarged about three times normal for the MD to feel it just below the rib cage on the left of the belly. Rarely, in mono, the spleen can rupture, bleed, and be a life-threatening emergency.

  5. What does pain under right rib cage mean?
    Ive had this strong pain under my right rib cage. Kinda like a strong cramp and It hurts to move or breathe sometimes. The only way i dont feel it is while im pressing on it. It goes away for a little then comes back, I havent been able to eat well cause everything I eat I feel like or throw it up. Any help ??

    • Last year I went to my dr for a pain very similar to yours. It was on my left side, and it felt like it was under my ribs. Actually, it ended up being the intercostal muscle of the ribs. Everyone has these muscles in between each rib. It can begin to spasm causing the pain due to excessive exercising, coughing, laughing, or anything that uses these muscles. He put me on a muscle relaxer to relax the muscle and taught me a breathing exercise which made the pain go away instantly. Take a deep breath, hold it in, and while you’re holding it in, push your stomach out and count to ten while doing this. Repeat two more times. It helped stretch the muscle out and the pain went away!
      I would check with your dr to make sure it is nothing serious though.

  6. Why do i feel this pain between my ribs?
    this morning i woke up with a burning/cramping sensation between my rib cages. I cannnot burp or bend down without the pain coming back. Everytime i try to burp i also feel as though i may puke. About every 5 min the pain comes and goes.

    • That pain is caused by back muscles getting pinched in the spine for they often send the pains around the body on the nerves to be pains in the rib, chest or heart areas so it is going around between your ribs on the nerves. Any movements on the spine causes the pressure to cause more pain, or less pain, depending upon if the muscles are getting pinched more or less. to get rid of the pains you have to free up your back muscles and here’s how to do that:
      (do from a sitting position)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

  7. Stomach pain after eating peanut butter sandwiches four days ago and pain is still here? What can this be?
    My stomach feels like hard and bloated. I’m having pain under my rib cage and naval. Ive also been getting this like these contraction feelings in my stomach. Like my intestines are twitching or something. I’m kind of curious. My dad has intestinal problems and can’t eat certain foods (like peanut butter). Only this is I’m 19 and he started having issues in his 40′s?

    • You can have pinched muscles in your back that are pressing on the nerves for the other organs as they leave the spine. Pressure on the nerves for the stomach would make it put out more acid and that would cause a burning sensation in your stomach, some say it feels like a bad heartburn other say it’s like cramps. You have to release the muscles in your back to get rid of these pains and here’s how to do that:
      (do from a sitting position)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and find the muscles next to your spine and firmly press on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      for best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.
      I doubt the pain is from the sandwiches, but from how you may have held your back at the time.

  8. What do you think this pain most likely is?
    I have aches in my lower right abdomen, but they’ve dulled recently. They started at about 1o’clock, and they’re here now but they dulled down. I’ve got no appetite.

    I’ve panicked it could be appendicitis, but then i remembered i do a lot of stomach crunches (around 3000 a day). I did some first thing this morning.

    What do you think this could be? Help ASAP, i’m worried, even though the pain ISN’T strong. I’m just a worrier lol.

  9. Severe pain do you know what it is or what I should do?
    I’m having horrible pain on my right side of my rib cage and it’s cramping up. Also I have back pain on my right side and it hurts to breathe and move. Help!

    • It could be kidney stones, I might have them to, but that doesnt matter right now, anyway, Yeah, Kidney stones are when you like basically have stones in your body! If they are small, they barley hurt, if they are on the larger side, then Can hurt REALLY bad and yeah, the person can have troubles moving or breathing!
      History of Kidney stones within Family.
      Dull, ‘toothachy’ pain originating in the lower back or pelvis. This may be your first indication that something serious is developing.

      The level of pain may be continuous, or it may come and go in waves. It will rarely disappear entirely. You may take an analgesic tablet or two, expecting the pain to dissipate. After a few hours or even days, the pain will most likely increase in degree and be more definite in its location. Some victims feel a definite tension in the kidney area, as if their urine was trying to get past a blockage. You may even feel a ‘squirting’ sensation internally, as fluids try to get past the blockage. Even if the pain is tolerable, it should never be left unchecked.
      If you want to learn more and read more symptoms, PLEASE go to: http://www.essortment.com/kidney-stone-signs-symptoms-63470.html

  10. What causes my left side near my lower rib cage to tense up?
    I have been having pain in my left side near my lower rib cage. It feels like it over my ribs, not underneath. It is not a stabbing pain, it is getting tight like a cramp, and it hurts like a It occurs when I am standing up for a while and sometimes when I am sitting. It goes away if I lay on it and stretch. Any ideas of causes or fixes? I am a 27 year old male, 6′ 0″ tall, 235 lbs., so I am not pregnant.

  11. I have a pain under my left rib after drinking a liquid?
    It’s like half way down my rib cage on the left.
    It’s not really a sharp pain like one I can’t avoid it’s just there. I’ve never had this happen until this morning I woke up and drank some milk and I felt it. Anyone know what it might be? Thanks in advance:)

    • 1. It Could Just Be A Stitch/Cramp
      2.It Could Be Your Appendix Go To The Doctor If Pain Consists

      Hope I Helped :)

  12. I have pain below my rib cage what might this be?
    The pain is coming from my left side just below my rib cage. Some times it feels like it is behind the lowest part of my rib cage and sometimes it feels lower. It hurts when I lay on my stomach and when I bend down or just sitting upright, the pain comes and goes. What could this be, its hard to explain what the pain feels like but it kind of feels like a burning ache? Its only been 2 days. What do you think?

    • i get these all the time, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just something like a cramp/growing pain.

      Just try and stretch it out by standing up and going for a walk around the house or something. They’ll go off and come on again. If it gets worse see some family members or even a doctor just to be sure :)

  13. sneezing too hard felt a sharp pain in my left lower rib cage, it does not go away, hurts when moving?
    Its has been about 2 hours since I got an allergy that made me sneeze 15 time in a row. The pain became apparent and then very sharp as I progressed sneezing. Any time I move or cough or sneeze the pain seems to sharper every time.

    • I can sometimes get rib pain from sneezing, I have some intense allergies to animals and sneezing 15 times in a row used to a daily occurance for me when I lived with cats. It is possible that you damaged badly and should seek medicare, but first i’d suggest trying to stretch it out, that usually works for me, bend your back (or body) in a way that make it feel different and put pressure on it with your fingers as to massage it. It could be a cramp/seizing of the muscle. That works for me and the pain shouldn’t come back. If that doesn’t work I’d suggest seeing a doctor or go to emergency.

  14. I have terrible stomach pains and constipation?
    I know its probably because i eat really unhealthy. what are some things i should eat that will help because i know i have to change my diet.

    • are you sure it’s your stomach and not your intestinal tract you’re having trouble with? is the pain under your left rib cage or more in the center of your abdomen? your stomach would be under your left rib cage and this could mean you may be developing an ulcer or you may have a slight imbalance of acid and alkaline. for now try some tums or something of the sort. if your pain is more around your navel, under right side of rib to lower left side than it’s probably intestinal. are you lactose intolerant? this can cause pain no matter how good your diet. if not than you may need to increase your fiber intake. i would try adding dried prunes every morning and night see if that helps. if you like raisins you may like prunes. if not, look at it like, most medicine doesn’t taste good but is necessary. make certain you drink plenty of water when you increase your fiber intake. water allows the fiber to work better and lessens any cramping that may occur. cut down on foods hard to digest like fats. at least for a while. i bought a blender to make fruit/veggie drinks so i get real nutrition. also, i add a protein powder. i have at least one a day. any dairy food can cause cramping when you eat too much, so eat these foods in moderation. most Americans do not eat enough fiber. try to eat 6 smaller balanced meals a day. this will also lessen pain and cramping. for further info go to webmd.com and look up diets. feel better.