20 thoughts on “Pain In Shoulder Blade And Underarm

  1. left underarm has intense pain after fall 4 days ago?
    After falling on left side 4 days ago, my left underarm has pain when I extend or rotate my arm. The pain radiates out to under my left breast and back to my shoulder blade. It hurts to cough, laugh or clear throat.

  2. why i feel pain in my chest and sometime shorness of breath?
    hi im 23 year old female i have no bp or sugar or cholestrol but i have sudden sharp pain of the left side of my chest at times. IT is sudden and only last a few seconds. Sometimes it radiates to my left shoulder blade. When the sharp pain goes away it is a little painful in shoulder blade, underarm, and chest for a while. It usually happens sometimes when i was alone or sumtime when i do nothing It scares me because I do not want it to be my heart.
    1 month ago

    • If your family has a history of cardiac problems then it wouldn’t hurt to go see a physician. Having chest pain and having the pain radiate to your arm could point to some problems. I would go see a doc to be safe.

  3. How do I get rid of dark armpits?
    I’m getting married next week and I need help! My dress is strapless and I have dark armpits!!! How do I get rid of this, it’s so embarrassing???
    I had my armpits waxed and it didn’t help.

  4. I have back pain near my shoulder blade?
    I have had back pain right around my left shoulder blade and it radiates to my underarm. It feels like muscle but I am just not sure. I went to my doctor, she told me it was a bunch of knotted muscles and told me to see a chiropractor. I also got a good massage, neither helped. I am not sure what else I can do. I was also prescribed valium as a muscle relaxer but that has not helped much either.

    • I had those same problems. I finally went to see a specialist, They did all their stuff by running test and they said I have fibrormylgia.

      To find out more about this just type fibromylgia in your web search and it will bring up all kinds of sites

      Good Luck

  5. I know I’ve already asked this, but when will my first period start?
    I already asked this but I want a more precise answer. I have pubic hair and underarm hair but yesterday I had a pain in my stomach. Then after I took a shower yesterday I got a pain below my shoulder blade. Then today I have a feeling in my stomach like I ate to much (a little better now), but I didn’t even eat anything! When will my first period start?
    sorry I’m 10

    • Nobody on here can tell you when your period will start, your period will come when your body decides it’s time and not before.

  6. I’m going to ask a question that I KNOW has been asked about a thousand times about tattoos…?
    So…Does getting your shoulder blades inked hurt? How bad…
    Compared to a tatto say…On your forearm… Whats the most painful place?
    Please people, answer only from personal experience!

    PS:Any rude/smartbutted answers will be given a thumbs down by me and my friends.

    • I’d argue that you’d get more (quality undefined) answers if you used the ‘search’ option, and that would likely serve you better. On the other hand, considering the number of “hey guyz i got a kwestion” utterly useless subject headers, plus generally poor grammar & spelling making it hard to know what to search on, you may have a point.

      Therefore, onward.

      The shoulder blade is more painful that the forearm as the latter has seen a lot more weathering, having thicker skin. I’m not sure if it has fewer nerve endings (I tend to think not). Pretty much the farther down your arm the less painful it is, and the closer to the spine the more painful it is. The underarm near the armpit is supposed to be very tender though; areas on the arm that don’t see sun are definitely moreso, even further down the arm.

      I do know that shoulder/upper arm work is a “ho-hum” level of pain for me, but spinal work requires a certain level of concentration. The shoulder blade for me was midway between those two, with some adjustment for type of work done.

  7. sudden sharp pain left side of chest?
    I have sudden sharp pain of the left side of my chest at times. IT is sudden and only last a few seconds. Sometimes it radiates to my left shoulder blade. When the sharp pain goes away it is a little painful in shoulder blade, underarm, and chest for a while. It usually happens when I move a certain way or something. It scares me because I do not want it to be my heart.

    • How old are you?
      Get this checked out, it could be a number of things, less serious than your heart:
      1. Indigestion( sometimes it can be so painful people don’t even believe it can be indigestion, trust me, I’ve been to hospital with it)
      2. Trapped nerve.(I’m not too sure about this one, but as i said, definitely call your doctor)
      3. Appendicitus( it can sometimes start on the left hand side, and travel to the right hand side where the appendix is, but it’s likely not this as your pains are too far up)
      4. The way you’ve been sitting isn’t right.
      These are just some of the stuff I can think of that is in any way related, but don’t take my word for it, call your doc. Hope you get better soon :)

  8. Severe abdominal pain. Any help?
    Now it’s 12:30 am on a monday. I have been sick since friday.
    I have severe abdominal pain from my shoulder blades and my underarms to my hip and it’s all around my stomach and back. It hurts really badly when I try to move.
    I have violent coughs and sneezes so it may be my muscles reacting to it, and when I cough or sneeze the pain is severe.
    I have a high fever, runny nose, dizzyness, and it’s really hard to breathe properly. do you think it could just be from my cold/cough, or whatever I have, or is it something more? I started getting symptoms friday morning.It pnly started to hurt this morning. I would appreciate any help.
    Thanks for your time.

    • I don’t think the pain sounds like symptoms of a cough/cold, i think it could be something somewhat worse and i recomend seeing a doctor about it

  9. Can my scoliosis effect me later in life?
    I’m 11. As of a month ago my curve was 25 degrees. If it can is there anything I can do to make it better? Also is there anything I can do to make it not hurt and feel stuff after I sit for a while?(at school or stuff like that)

  10. If you have a chest tattoo will you please answer?
    I am getting a chest tattoo sometime this winter I was just wondering if it hurt really bad i have 7 tattoo already and my calfs were the worst i have one on my shoulder blade and it didnt hurt that bad. And i know people are going to say all tattoos hurt and you shouldnt get it well i am getting it.

    • Hey there!
      It depends where on the chest you want it. If the tattoo goes over the sternum, then it will probably hurt a bit, because there is very little chub between the skin and the bone on the sternum. Now if you’re talking about part of the chest that has a little more chub to it, then it shouldn’t hurt as much. So try poking the part of the chest you want the tattoo on. If you feel that it is cushiony, then it probably will hurt less. If it feels bony, then the pain is much higher. Now you need to take in account of how tough the skin is. For example, skin on your forearm is much tougher than the skin on your underarm, so you’ll have to determine how tough the skin you want to ink is yourself.

      Btw, the reason the calf hurt was because it was closer to the muscle.

      Not all tattoos hurt. Those are opinions and not facts. I’ve known many people that have felt very little during the inking process, and I’ve known others to like the pain. That’s why many people get many many many tattoos. The pain causes the release of endorphins and sends signals of pleasure to the brain. This mixed with the adrenaline rush, makes a tattoo addictive, but you probably know that.


  11. What could this shoulder blade/back pain be?
    Hey guys! So I was in the trampoline with m niece and was showing her how to do flips. I did too many, and landed sideways on my shoulder blade. I had stabbing pain at the time as I do now. When I jump, the area inbetween both shoulder blades hurts as well. When I breathe in deeply it hurts. On that web of skin inbetween my chest and underarm hurts as well, very close to where it was hurting to breathe in. What could this be?