18 thoughts on “Pain In Lower Left Back When Bending Over

  1. What would cause hip pain radiating down the front leg?
    I’ve been having these spells where I’ll bend over to pick something up and this sharp pain hits my lower back on the left side and my left hip and eventually makes it way down the front of my leg all the way to my toes. It lasts for a few days and has been happening every couple of weeks. What could it be?

    • Hi,
      The most likely problem is a pinched nerve. This normally happens when the nerve running down from your spine to the legs through the hips is twisted or pressed by the bones or muscles. The pain depends on what part of the nerve is pinched. If this goes on for long it would lead to what is called sciatica and complete numbness on the lower body.
      You need to see a doctor plus avoid carrying heavy loads while bending as this is usually the major cause of pinched sciatic nerve.

      Wish you a quick recovery and you’ll need to check out these resources for more info.

  2. What are the signs and symptoms of having a hernia?
    Yesterday my husband woke up with a pain in his lower left side (near his hip) and he is swollen there. He said it doesn’t hurt all the time, but if he touches it, or bends over he definitely feels the pain. He is going to go to the doctor today after he gets back from work, but I’m just wondering if it could possibly be a hernia, and if it is, what is the usual course of treatment?
    My husband is very fit. He exercises regularly, and is 6’1 (187cm) and weighs 176lbs (80kg).

    • These are the signs & symptoms of hernia –
      A lump that usually returns to its normal position with gentle pressure or by lying down. Scrotal sweling, with pain. If he lift things by bending from the waist, and using his back muscle, he will have severe pain.
      Causes – Weakness in connective tissue or muscle wall. This may be present at birth. To prevent – Do not do heavy lifting.
      Proper health care – Doctors treatment. Surgery to repair the opening caused by weakened muscle, or connective tissue.
      See doctor immediately – if he has fever, or severe pain.
      If the hernia becomes strangulated (loss its blood supply), the protruding part may cause intestinal obstruction with fever, severe pain and shock. According to your description, “a pain near his hip” does not really fit the right area for hernia.
      Go to hospital – have blood studies, and X-ray can can confirm what exactly he has. Good Luck.

  3. How can I get rid of the pain in my side when i’m running for longer periods of time?
    The pain is in my lower-left stomach area.

    • This is a normal running cramp. Cramps can be for a number of reasons. Being dehidratied or lack of potassium in your diet are the two most common factors.

      Cramps are when the muscles in your body go into a spasm and tighten up which is what causes you pain. The worst thing to do is bend over because it feels better. All that accomplishes is the muscle tightening more.

      Aside from takeing proper precatuions proper diet and hydration. And hydration doesn’t mean drinking a bottle of water right before you run, you need to be drinking constantly. This is what you do, and I 100% promise this will work. Take two fingers and push on the area where it hurts. I mean really push hard and hold it for about 15-30 sec’s. It’s really going to hurt when your doing this but as soon as you release the pressure the cramp will go away.

      What your doing is pushing on the muscle that is spasming and causeing it to relax. This little trick works on any muscle that tightens up on you.

  4. What is this pain in my lower left quadrant?
    It’s been goin on for about a day and a half now. It isn’t severe it’s just very uncomfortable and feels like pressure. It sportive feels like gas build up in my stomach but I’ve passed gas and have had at least 3 bowel movements since it began some of the bowel movements being diarrhea so I’m not constipated or anything. It radiates from my lower left abdomen up parallel to my belly button and down all the way across my pubic area. When I move or bend in anyway it’s very uncomfortable and when I palpate the area it hurts. I work at a hospital so I was just wondering if I should go to the emergency room or not!?

    • it sounds like you have a small kidney stone, if the pain is manageable you should be fine and pass it without help but if the pain gets worse, definitely got to the A&E. Even though its not to painful i think you should go to A&E anyway because it could be more severe than just a kidney stone, but from what your saying it defiantly sounds like a kidney stone. So Good Luck and i hope everything turns out well!

  5. What do they do in physical therapy for back?
    I had a terrible pain in my lower left back and got it checked out by a doctor. He said it’s a strained tissue or torn tissue and suggested physical therapy. What will I have to do there? I am 16, so there are no restrictions.

    • The scientific evidence strongly suggests that physical therapy begin during the acute or subacute phase, not after the back is healed or chronic. Here’s a good article on the subject (seems to have developed some technical glitch int the text, but you can just ignore the odd characters and still read it):

      Different physical therapists have different approaches, but the scientific literature seems to suggest that the most effective elements are range of motion exercises for the spine, and strengthening and conditioning for back extensor muscles. That means bending backwards and sideways. Older approaches that seem to have proven less effective are general aerobic conditioning combined with abdominal strengthening (in other words: bending forward and aerobics). Here’s an article addressing the scientific literature on the subject and again addressing the when PT should begin question:


      Possible pysical therapy treatments include:
      Back exercises
      Manipulation/Mobilization of your spine (like a chiropractor)
      A table that stabilizes your upper body while moving your lower body
      Heat methods

  6. What could be causing my lower left side back pain?
    I have been in severe, crippling lower left side back pain for over a month now. The pain killers aren’t working, I can’t bend over to do anything without being in pain, and the xray revealed nothing. I can’t sit in my chair at work without being in pain. I have done NOTHING to injury my back. What are some possible things that could be causing my crippling lower back pain? Thanks.

    • have you had any bloodwork done? kidney problems can cause pain in the lower back

  7. What can I do about a lower back and upper thigh pain?
    My lower left back has been hurting for a while but noting severe. Ever since yesterday i’ve been struggling to walk. Then my upper left thigh started to hurt to the point where it hurts to take a step or even bend my leg. I look like a girl when i walk and I have school tomorrow, what can i do to releive this pain?

    • Sounds as if you have a problem with your walking gait. It happens. We have a injury say to our knee and it is painful, so what we do is not to put all the weight on that sore knee, thereby throwing the hips out of alignment along with the spine. Then we get used to walking like this and next we know the muscles in the lower back and thigh start to hurt and we end up in a vicious circle, imbalance and pain, correct posture and pain, misalignment and pain. So you need to see a Podiatrist and get your upright walking stance seen to. Best of Luck
      PS, did you know that too much walking can cause the muscles in our legs to tighten and that pulls the hips out of place, which then pulls the spine out of place.

  8. Is it normal to feel a pinching pain?
    I am pregnant. I feel a pinching pain sometimes in my lower left of my stomach. It is not unbearable pain and comes and goes. Is that normal?
    I am under 3 weeks pregnant.

    • Yes honey every women is different I felt the same thing to days ago in I’m like five to six weeks in the sharp pinch came out of no where I was talking to business people in I just bent down in then I was scared to move

  9. Are there any good ways to stretch you’re lower left part of your back or knees?
    I play soccer which means I do a lot of running. Recently I have been receiving a sharp pain in my lower left back and it fades after I have rested it for a while. How do I stretch the lower left part of my back to make it feel better? My knees also hurt from time to time. Are there any good exercises for them? It would be nice to have some help, thank you!

    • for your back what you can do is lay down on your back, RELAX, then bend your leg and pull your knee in to your chest. this is more a stretch for the upper backside of the hip but if running is causing your back pain then it has to do with your legs and the hips connect your back to your legs so…

      and for your knee mostly what you want to do is get it stronger, so a good excersize is the knee extension and as a runner i know that for cardio things like running and soccer you wont lowish weights and more reps

      hope this helps!