9 thoughts on “Pulled A Muscle Behind My Shoulder Blade

  1. How can i relieve a pulled neck muscle pain?
    I was cleaning and heard a crunch and felt a sharp pain on the back left side of my neck right under my skull. The pain has gotten worse and now hurts right down behind my shoulder blade and it is agonizing to move my left arm or move my head in any direction. I have been doing hot and cold compresses and have taken hot showers and massaged ny neck but am getting no relief. Should I go to the doctors?

  2. How to build muscle behind your shoulders?
    I am looking for some exercises to build muscle on the backs of my shoulder blades. A gym and weights isn’t really a possibility now. I need something like isometrics and/or other resistance exercises.

    I do push-ups and pull ups, but they don’t seem to have any effect back there. Maybe I should do more pull-ups than push ups, because I have some development in the front, but not in the back. I have ultra large boney shoulder blades, ha, so they appear… Just want to put some muscle back there.

    If you have any advice or know of some good forums then please share, thanks.

  3. Does having double jointed shoulders affect my ability to build muscle in my back?
    I can pull out my scapular aka shoulder blade and pull my elbows far behind my head..and I’m a chick. Will this affect my ability to build muscle in my shoulders and back?

    • No, it should not. Being female though, your ability to gain muscle mass is limited compared to males.

  4. First clip and noticed a soft long lump just behind her shoulder?
    Our 16 week old mini schnauzer pup had her first clip today and I noticed once I got home that he had a long (2cm) soft lump just behind her shoulder blade. Its not on the other side and it doesn’t seem to hurt her at all when I touch the area. It kind feels like a pulled muscle. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be?

    • Like everybody else I’ll say we’re not vets but it could be a fatty tumor or a skin tag neither one is bad but if it gets larger or when you go to the vet for your next puppy visit, have it checked out.

  5. What should I do about this back pain?
    I have a pain quite deep in my back, I have had it before but I really would like it to go away before tonight.
    It feels like i’ve tweaked a nerve or maybe even pulled a muscle, it’s deep in and feels as though its behind my right shoulder blade.
    I can’t take really deep breathes because it feels as though my lungs are pushing against it.

    Any help?

  6. Can a pulled muscle really hurt this badly?
    Earlier I ended up jumping over my bed and about 10 minutes later, I had a very sharp pain kind of behind my shoulder blade which ended up spreading to my shoulder and slightly to my middle back and it hurt to breath in deep. The pain wasn’t in my chest but behind my shoulder blade.

    I ended up going to the ER but about an hour later, the pain subsided by a lot but still is semi sore to breath in deeply.

    • Yes. You should try pulling your groin muscle, I couldn’t walk for a week or play sports for 4 months.