13 thoughts on “Pain In Left Shoulder Blade Area When Breathing

  1. In massive amount of pain, sudden pain on the left side when i breath in?
    Ok, so this came about around half an hour – 45 minuets ago, I got a massive sharp pain when i breathed in, just under my boobs around the cheat area, it seems to be near my shoulder blade and collar bone as well, it hurts and then as soon as i breath in it gets worse. Could this be serious? Anyone know what it could be?

    • Oh man.. this happened to me before. About 3 times. The last time I had it, it lasted for a week. I went to get checked out, and nobody had an answer. If it persists for ten more minutes, please go to the emergency room. Maybe your doctors could find an answer. I’m not sure what it could be, but I know it really hurts when you try to breathe in deep.
      While you wait, try to relax. And avoid sitting in the same spot.

  2. I have a stabbing pain under my shoulder blade. What could it be?
    I have a stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade. Yesterday it was just a nasty ache. I first noticed it when I got out of bed. I couldn’t turn my head to the left for the first few hours. At first I thought it was just a knot, but I got 2 good massages which did nothing for the pain. What could it be?

    • A very bad ache that takes away your breathe, it grabs you in such a way that you can’t stand up could be a kidney stone trying to get through. This is a pain that not many fell but once felt, you’ll never forget it. Then of course you have Liver, kidneys, it could be a pleurisy (infection of the lining of the inner lung area) it might just be a muscle that’s been abused and is sore from the spine. If it continues or gets worse then see your doctor. Not much can be done other then keep an eye on it, they can of course give you something for the pain.

  3. How do I stop my cat from killing me?
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  4. How do you know if you have a pulled chest muscle?
    I’ve been having pain under my left breast and in the left shoulder ( I broke my left collar bone years ago and have had popping and cracking in this shoulder recently) the pain radiates to my back and sometimes hurts when i take a deep breathe or feels as if i can’t take a proper deep breath) it hurts when ever i move my left arm. I am wondering if it is something to do with my collar bone, I never had a follow up exam from my collar bone all those years ago.

    • I think you have a problem in your neck, and you are experiencing muscle spasms. I suggest you see a doc, and get some xrays done to rule out any serious problem. If the neck is the problem, you don’t want to mess around waiting and irritating the area, it can be dangerous. If the shoulder is the problem, it could be arthritis has developed from the previous injury, and your current lifestyle has triggered a flare. You can try ice or heat, see if the inflammation goes down. Take some Ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation. Does it hurt when you sit back on the couch, like a stabbing pain between your shoulder blades? Muscle spasms can be brutal. moist heat works best for that,I think. Go see the doc, good luck.

  5. Light sharp pain in my back, between my shoulder blade and my spine, what can it be?
    I have a light sharp pain, in the area specified in the question, I have no idea what it can be. It happens when I breath but not every breath I take. and it doesn’t seem to be that deep. What it be? A muscles pain?

    • Because the pain is occurring when you are breathing (inhalation?) that sound like the classical presentation of a rib “subluxation.” What a subluxation is, (a chiropractic subluxation) is a joint that has lost a degree of movement. Your ribs form a joint with it’s associated vertebra in 2 spots. These joints are called the costovertebral and costotransverse joints. I added a link to a picture below. What can occur is that one of these joints can start to not move as well as it should. Since your ribs elevate and depress when you are breathing, a decrease in motion can cause some pain and associated muscle tightness in the area. This pain is classically felt a little bit away from the spine and can occur on your right or left side(depending on which rib is affected) and is mostly felt while you are breathing.
      There is no need to be alarmed.
      A visit to a chiropractor can help restore the motion of the rib so you no longer have any pain while you are breathing.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Why am I having pain between my shoulder blades?
    This has gotten progressively worse over the past few months. Now its almost constant. Its between my shoulder blades and now I can feel it around my clavicles and it sometimes hurts to take deep breaths. My doctor is a douche and can’t give me straight answers on what it could be. Can anyone help!

    • The most common cause of this type of pain will be rib related. The rib joint is very small and can suddenly tighten with breathing – especially if you are having lower back pain also.

      Just think of how you walk. Your left leg goes forward and at the same time your right arm moves forward – your lower back and the area between your shoulder blade work in tandem. So if you are having some sciatica your lower back will be tighter than it should, which in turn will cause tightness in your upper back.

      With time this tension builds and builds. Until one day you move in a certain direction, take a breath and your rib shifts creating your pain.

      I know this sounds complex, but as I am a Chiropractor, trust me, this is the most likely scenario. The muscles between the ribs are small and spasm quickly. They also are used when you breathe.

      Don’t worry though, although very painful the rib will settle within a week or so, quicker if you relax the area,don’t over strain with activity and use a natural anti-inflammatory. If pain doesn’t start to ease in a few days – seek help and possibly medical anti-inflammatories.

      As for the sciatica, get it looked at. There are many self help techniques you can use which will relieve it – visit The Back Pain Advisor http://www.back-pain-advisor.com/index.h… and do their free e-course. It has a lot of techniques you can do at home to help.

      Otherwise consult a Chiropractor, Osteopath or your doctor for help.

  7. How bad is a tattoo on your rib cage really?
    I have 3 tattoos already. One on the small of my back, one in the center between my shoulders blades, and one on the front side of my left hip. I want more, but with my profession I want them all out of sight. My sisters and I are all going to get the same tattoo and I’ve thought about putting it on my right rib cage area. But I’ve heard that’s the worst place. What’s your opinion?

    • From what my husband said, it was a lot harder to distract himself from the pain than the rest of his tattoos. And he has them nearly everywhere. Normally he just lets his mind wander or something. But on the ribcage, he had to to concentrate on his breathing per the artist’s instructions. So concentrating on the breathing meant concentrating on the tattooing. So the ones on his ribcage were his worst.