10 thoughts on “Right Shoulder Blade Cracking

  1. Does anyone know how to crack a shoulder blade?
    I have been having some pain in my left shoulder blade and I would like to know how to crack it.

    • roatate the sholuder., put the sore arm agaisnt the other side arm shoulder or go to a chiro practor / ostopath

  2. What is wrong with my right shoulder blade?
    I played football with some friends. I went to go block for a kid and another kid hit my right shoulder straight on. Now i can’t push/pull anything without a sharp pain in my right shoulder blade area. This happened last saturday. I also feel sharp pains when i take deep breathes. Im wondering if i broke a rib or something. Any ideas?

    • There is a chance you cracked a rib. Go get an X-Ray. Better safe than sorry. A broken rib could penetrate your inner organs and do serious damage. A cracked rib could break. Also get your shoulder scanned. It might also be a small crack in the shoulder. That’s almost as bad as a cracked rib.

  3. How do you crack the upper part of your back ?
    I woke up and on the right side almost under my shoulder blade hurt !
    I really wanna know how I can crack it so it can feel better. Pleaseeee help !

    • Just try circling your arm overhead in wide circles. Also reach back and pull your scapula around with your arm. Might release it. Otherwise try a massage to help release those muscles.

  4. What do you do for an injured shoulder?
    I can’t move it normally like usual, and I have no idea what I did to it. The main source of pain comes from my shoulder blade. My mother has cracked and popped the hell out of my back, but it seems to only have a short and temporary relief. And I’m afraid that if I massage it, it’ll only get worse.
    My mother said we should probably go to a chiropractor who has x-rays and check to see what’s wrong; because not only is my shoulder being affected, my left hip (as my left shoulder is the injured one) and the left side of my rib cage is pinched to where it hurts to breathe too deep.
    Could anyone give me any doctoral or physical advice before we try anything that might make things worse? Please and thank you!
    My mother doesn’t get off of work until next Friday; I simply want remedies that sooth the ailment until then.
    As for why we can’t go to the doctors, one; I just said above, and two; There aren’t many local doctors where we are- and the ones that are within a radius close by, few they may be, are most likely pricey. We aren’t rich; we live in a small apartment. What do you expect us to do? We don’t even know how this pain occurred. It just started last night. We’ve used Salon-pas, but it doesn’t help much but give a sharp burst of coldness that slowly goes away over time.

    • I’m not sure what “help” your mother has been if she “has cracked and popped the hell out of my back” but obviously it is doing you no good. Go to a doctor and have them take x-rays. If you are hurting from you shoulder to your hip, you have done something to cause the pain.

  5. Why is my shoulder blade popping and cracking?
    Every time I move my arm, the bottom part of my shoulder blade pops and cracks. Why is this? Should I ask my doctor?

    • You may just have a tendon misplaced. You should see a doctor or better yet a physical therepist at your school or in your city. I wouldn’t be too worried it happens to me too.