Shoulder And Arm Pain Worse At Night

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    How long does pain normally last from an acute cervical strain?
    The pain jumps around from my neck, to my shoulder and to my arm. The pain is really bad when trying to sleep at night. Also, my thumb is now knumb.

    • ANSWER:
      Strains can last from a few days to a few weeks. Once the most acute phase has passed, massage therapy or chiropractic can help aid in the healing process. Cold packs for swelling and inflammation can also help. Keep it mobilized with gentle stretching (don't push it), if you try not to move, you get muscle spasms in other muscles as well, which adds to the pain. It is rare that a cervical strain lasts very long if it's treated properly. If the numbness does not go away relatively quickly, it might be worthwhile to have it checked to see if there's a pinched nerve somewhere.

      Just a thought:

      If you see a chiropractor, he will look for something that chiropractic adjustments can help.

      If you see a physiatrist, you will probably get physical therapy and exercises.

      If you see a surgeon, he is likely to look for something to operate on.

    How come my shoulders hurt sometimes when I run?
    Usualy it is both shoulders but the pain isnt that bad. But last night it was my right shoulder and it hurt so much I had to stop running.

    • ANSWER:
      Your shoulder hurts because you are probably too tense in your arms. Try to loosen up to have better blood flow.

    My shoulder/arm is sore and hurts when I play volleyball?
    I ice my shoulder / arm and have taken a brEak from thing and serving during volleyball practice, but how long should I wait before playing again?

    Oh and do you know any good arm stretches I could do?

    • ANSWER:
      i have played volleyball for 3 years and have a natural skill for the sport, and one time i was trying out a swing serve and i stretched my arm in the wrong way, a few days after that it started to hurt soooo bad, so bad to the point where it would wake me up at night and i had to sit up and stay awake all night. so it turned out to be a really stretched or pulled tendon or something like that in my shoulder. well the doctor gave me some awesome pain reliever pills, and i rested it alot. so if i were you i would rest it and go to the doctor to get some meds if it hurts really bad, but the good thing about me doing that is that while i wasnt using my right arm i then trained my left arm to overhand serve and spike, so that now gives me an advantage to playing volleyball:) please dont try to be heroic and cover the pain and still use your arm, LET IT HEAL! i even strugle with trying to tune out the pain you just have to relize your body will get worse if you dont. some stretchest are: having a friend help you, (example my right shoulder hurts so i take my right hand and place it on the right side of my back below my shoulder as far down as i can reach.then have my friend hold my hand there and pull my elbow back and forward until it feel really stretched out...hope i helped! good luck with your season!

    What do you think is wrong with my back and what can i do about it?
    One of my vertabrae on my upper back, very close to my neck, is very sore. It hurts constantly, and the slightest movement can make the pain worse. It hurts on both sides on my back/shoulders, and gets worse when i move my arms a certain way (above my head,put my elbows back, etc.) What could this be? What can be done to fix it?

    • ANSWER:
      Can you touch your chin to your chest? If not, you may have meningitis. Very serious, see a doctor for that.

      If a good night's sleep doesn't make you feel better, see a doctor anyways.

    Is it normal to feel excrutiating pain in a dream and not wake?
    I keep having nightmares where I feel, sometimes, intense and powerful pain. I don't wake from it, and I can't seem to keep it from happening most of the time. Just last night I had a dream where I was burned very bad on my hand, and I felt it. It didn't hurt after all the nerves had been damaged though. I was stabbed repeatedly, one going through my underarm and out of my shoulder, I could even feel each fiber of tissue tear as it was pushed in. I was slashed, and cut on my arms and legs, and gored by a knife across the belly. All the while I felt the pain, as real and horrible as it would've really been. I've even had dreams where I've felt even more intense pain than this. I used to wake from such things, and that would be the end of it. However now I have to really struggle to wake from it. I didn't even wake from that one, I simply managed to wiggle my way out of it.
    I've talked to counselors and psychologists. They just tell me I have psychotic episodes, and give me a pill and say it will help. I never has, I still have the nightmares even on the medication.
    I've talked to counselors and psychologists. They just tell me I have psychotic episodes, and give me a pill and say it will help. It never has, I still have the nightmares even on the medication.

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes, sensations that are present in the environment get incorporated into dreams. Therefore, if you are sleeping in a certain way that isn't comfortable, that pain would get incorporated into a latent form within your dream. Are you a restless sleeper?? Do you wake up uncomfortable or in a painful position??

      If not, the perception of the pain in your dream is likely not physical. If it was as physically intense as you describe, you'd wake up. In this case, if you felt pain or felt someone ripping you apart even after you've woken, sure, you'd probably want to entertain the hypothesis of a dissociative disorder or psychotic episode.

      If the pain is restricted to the dreaming state, know that this IS normal but the pain we interpret as physical in a dream is really emotional. This is not to say that you don't feel actual pain in the dream. Emotional pain CAN sometimes be far worse than physical pain, and in dreams, our minds create physical pain via an emotional outlet. Furthermore, emotion directs behaviour, whether it is in a dream or in real life. Dreams are thus functional, so rest-assured, you are not crazy or psychotic for having nightmares that do not carry over into a waking state.

      Dreams are just ways our unconscious tries to direct our conscious emotional awareness. Given the themes of your dreams, I believe it would help you a great deal to get in touch with and identify the painful emotional feelings you feel you deserve or can not escape in real life. Often times, once our unconscious and conscious connect, the issue gets resolved first through waking cognitive processes and then hopefully through some proactive action. After that, these dreams usually just don't have any function anymore and cease to be.

    Any home treatments I can try for a very severe pinched nerve in my neck?
    I am a 22 year old male and I have been suffering with very severe and chronic neck and shoulder pain for a year and 9 months now. I have gone to two doctors, had two CT scans and an MRI (they found nothing but a pinched nerve-no disk herniations or anything)...I do ice and heat therapy every night, have done every stretch imaginable, been to chiropractors, etc...I am in so much pain it is unbearable at this point-the back of my head and my neck and shoulder are so swollen it's ridiculous and I have weakness in my right arm now. The pain gets worse with every did go away for almost a month about a year ago but has been back full force for the past year...I am at my wits end with this because nothing seems to help. Any suggestions from anyone? Anything will help me at this I know it is driving my fiancee crazy that I can't move most of the time at night

    • ANSWER:
      I know you want a home treatment, but you didn't mention a pain management Dr. I have found them to be extremely helpful, after 9 years of pain and no dr/phycial therapy/chiropractor helped much. Once I went to pain management, I was feeling better within a few days. It was a life changing experience for me.

      Best of luck to you. Hope you are in less pain soon :)

    How to get rid of sunburn pain without aloe vera?
    I've got sunburn so bad on my shoulders I couldn't sleep very well last night. I couldn't sleep on my side, I kept waking up every other minute. It was horrible.
    The sun burn also hurts so bad that I can't lift my arm, because when the skin scrunches up on my shoulders it hurts.
    I can't go out into the sun, because that burns my shoulders as well.
    Any free, easy way to relieve my sun burn?

    • ANSWER:
      Cool towels on your skin. Also, witch hazel soothes sunburn really well.

    is it true that it is bad to have your legs massage when you have rheumatism ?
    I am a Diabetic and I have a body massage twice a week. Is it also bad for both my legs.I often experience my whole back and both legs and arms having severe pain at night. Please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      No but brusing is possible especially if it is too hard. The book IF IT RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY: ARTHRITIS, Bantam, 1992 has a lot of information in it on the subject.

      Much pain is from muscles below is an example of what may help (based on headaches).
      Begin with a couple swigs of molasses or a couple of bananas (natural muscle relaxers) daily - magnesium (which regulates many things in the body) and potassium (a needed building block for muscles).
      Drink at least 1/2 gallons of water per day. Running a body low on water is like running a car low on oil is the analogy the head of neurology at UCDavis told my husband about 10 years ago.

      Now to the cause - muscles - your back, neck shoulders and head have tender spots. They are knots in the fibers of the muscles called trigger points. It makes the muscles tight which makes them press on nerves and other things causing the pain.

      The cure - start with a professional massage, (if this does not do it you probably need a chiropractor as well) you will also want to go back over any place you can get to 6-12 times per session up to 6 times per day rubbing (or lightly scratching on your head) every where that is tender until the knots go away. The place where the skull connects to the spine press up under the edge of the skull (to get to those muscles).

      For more information read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies. It teaches what to do and where the pain comes from.

    What's the fastest way to get rid of dead skin (from a sunburn)?
    I have this sunburn from my upper back to my shoulders and arms, resulting in much my skin peeling off in those areas. It's annoying because there's so much of it and it itches like crazy. It gets so bad that I can't wear a shirt or even sleep at night!

    So what's the fastest way to get rid of the dead skin and to stop the itching? I've tried rubbing in Vaseline, as well as putting tape over the dead skin and ripping it off fast; both to marginal success.

    Please help me; this is driving me crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      cold water is the best first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the tap is ideal. NEVER ice or vinegar or milk or butter or green tea or mustard or toothpaste or sunscreen or semen or vaseline or tomatoes or vanilla extract or yogurt or sour cream or egg white or lavender oil or cocoa butter or salt or tea bags or potato or shaving cream or olive oil or baking soda or banana peel or petroleum jelly or whipped cream or avocado or bacon grease or corn starch or tumeric or lemon juice or curd- not until the skin is fully healed!

      alcohol might help with the pain but it is a serious risk as it will dehydrate you - so don't drink any. ibuprofen or aspirin will help but larger burns are often accompanied by stomach ulcers, so tylenol/panadol is best for pain if you are gonna tough it out. drink plenty of water or energy drinks that don't have caffeine (gatorade)

      i would advise that you cover the burnt area with white soft paraffin (white petroleum) or aqueous cream bp. (check the links below and see if you can find a local equivalent). wash the burn and reapply every 4-6 hours - cover with cling wrap if you wish to cover with clothes - this will stop your clothes getting covered with paraffin and maintains the burn.

      cling wrap alone is ok if you can't get hold of any paraffin. it also acts as a protective artificial skin - helping retain moisture and protect from further damage and pain. cling wrap is cheap and clean off the roll. in Australia ambulances often use this when someone has been burnt. - please note that cling wrap isn't always practical, like on your face.

      the paraffin imitates the natural oils, creating a seal stopping water leaving the body and reduces pain by protecting sensitised nerves. both of these factors improve healing - good stuff stays in, bad stays out - that is one job of healthy skin. aloe is good coz it remoisturises but that moisture can be quickly lost as the skin can't contain fluids. so put aloe on, and then the paraffin on over the top. if there is broken skin leave out the aloe - just paraffin.^Query=White+Petrolatum^ActiveCat=65

      email if you still have questions - send photos

      finally if you are really worried go to a hospital that has a burns unit or plastic surgeons. serious sunburn i.e. blisters (and all other burns) should be seen by a burns trained doctor or nurse.

    What are the signs of a torn rotator cuff?
    I have been lifting weights and have noticed sensation in my shoulder that is not really painful, but sometimes it just doesn't want to work like my other shoulder. Was just wondering if that is a sign of a torn rotator cuff and what can be done without going to a doctor to try and help it?

    • ANSWER:
      A common symptom of a rotator cuff injury is aching, and weakness in the shoulder when the arm is lifted overhead. A less severe injury may result in swelling, bleeding and bruising. This creates pain and inflammation as the swollen muscle pushes on the nearby bone. This can last several months before the muscle is entirely healed. Continued activity can increase the swelling, and lengthen the recovery time.

      A torn rotator cuff is much more severe and more serious. The symptoms include pain, decreased range of motion, weakness and a deep ache. These symptoms are often worse at night or in the morning.

    Does a person get discharged from the military if they develop a shoulder problem? Will they receive benefits?
    What kind of benefits will a person receive if the develop a shoulder problem? Will they get a monthly retirement?
    Shoulder problem is a rotator cuff issue.

    • ANSWER:
      my husband got hit by a truck door on a deployment a couple of years ago...he had shoulder surgery this past march..he is still active fact just reenlisted and puts E9 on if its something that can be fixed I doubt you will be discharged, you dont say what is wrong, my husband had rotator cuff

      Edit: have you asked for surgery? it took a year of appointments and him complaining before they sent him to a surgeon and the surgeon told him he wasnt sure it would be fixable because it wasnt that bad from x-rays,
      well he can lift his arm again, and i hear no complaints from him at night when he stretches, he just went for his release appointment with the surgeon...if he had to do it again..he would..he had a small tear and a fray..and some sort of cyst ( or something similar)in the joint...which the surgeon left alone said it wasnt causing any issues...if he had listened to the base drs. he wouldnt be able to hunt or play golf as it was his right shoulder and he is right handed also he couldnt do pushups because the pain was unbearable..he is almost back to being able to do them for the fitness test he is still on a waiver, it normally takes a good year to heal completely

    How do I stop the pain in my chest?
    On the left side of my chest, when I take a breath, yawn, or cough, there is a sharp and stabbing pain. It really hurts....I hoped it would go away on it's own but it's not, I'm afraid that it's just going to get worse. Last night I couldn't sleep because of the pain.

    Please, it really hurts but I rather not go to a doctor if I could help it.

    • ANSWER:
      You have a pinched muscle in your back causing this problem for you. When pinched in the rib area the pain likes to follow the muscles around to the front and then the pain is felt there. When you breath and yawn the ribs are expanding putting more pressure on the pinched muscle causing more pain. Once you release your back muscles this pain will be gone and here's how to release it:
      (do from a sitting position)
      Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and find the muscles next to your spine and firmly press on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
      For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

    How do you know if a sore arm is an injury?
    Is there a certain spot where if its hurting I should see a doctor? Where would you feel a rotator cuff injury? Is there anyway to help get rid of the pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually your arm will hurt all over when it is sore and has been over worked. The way to tell is if you can throw, but it just feels like you have dead arm and it aches really bad, you just have a tired arm. If you have really severe pain in your shoulder, it could be a rotator cuff, but you will know when that happens. Anything other then just a sore arm is serious enough to tell when it is something else. If you have a really sore arm, it will hurt really bad, but not like a shoulder or elbow ligament or tendon. I played ball all my life and I was always a pitcher and infielder. So my arm never got enough rest and I was always hurting. I finally realized that my arm was just tired and sore from all the throwing and I could prevent some of it by doing some things. If you can't throw at all then it may be something serious. If you can throw, but it hurts pretty bad and you feel like you are trying to throw as hard as you can, but the ball doesn't go anywhere you probably just have dead arm. The things you can do to help that is just to eaze into your throwing. I know this time of year is try outs and stuff and you want to just go all out right off the bat, but you need to take your time and strengthen your arm gradually. Also, everyday after you throw ice it down for 30 minutes and then I would always wear long sleeves to keep it from getting to cold over night. You can by the arm paks that have the elbow and shoulder paks that strap around your arm and it ices the whole thing and does really well. The key is to just not do too much too fast. If you really feel your arm is hurt then go to the Dr just to be sure, but I would just bet that you tried to do too much and your arm couldn't handle it. Whenever you get it figured out in the future to help your arm health and strength just remember that the more you throw the better your arm strength will be. That doesn't mean the harder you throw, it means the more reps. So just start slow and play toss to get loosened up, then keep working your way back further and further until you are maxed out and can't throw a good medium line drive ball comfortably. Also, proper mechanics all the time are very important. Even when you are just playing catch, make sure you step and throw and follow through everytime. If you are a pitcher then do the same, just do about a half to 3/4 wind up and then throw and follow through. After you throw remember to ice. Before you throw make sure to run a couple laps around the field to get your blood running and always do alot of arm stretches. Also be sure to wear long sleeves at all time in my opinion, but especially if you are outside exposed to cold air and wind. And if you want to use some type of IcyHot or FlexAll 454 before you throw that is fine and all that does is get you arm warm before you start throwing but you still need to go through all the same steps before you throw. If you are experiencing any kind of shoulder or elbow pain it is best to have it checked out. If you did any damage you will only make it worse by not getting it checked out. If you strained or pulled something then they will be able to tell and then all you will need to do is rest for a couple days or weeks, whatever the doctors tell you. Good Luck.

shoulder and arm pain worse at night

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