11 thoughts on “Left Rib Swollen

  1. what part of body is under left rib cage which can be touched from outside ?
    I felt a swelling under my left rib cage since last four years but no pain was there. The swelling persisted whenever I had non veg (esp mutton) and alcohol. Now I started feeling pain at the place of swelling even when I do not have non veg or alcohol and also feel lightheadedness. Pl help to diagnose.

  2. What is this pain under my bottom left rib?
    I am 30 and male. I’ve been having a strange pain/pressure under the very bottom of my left rib cage for about a year. I’ve had chest xray, abdominal ct scan with and without contrast, blood work, upper abdominal ultrasound, and a scope. NOTHING has been found except a tiny bit of fat on liver. What could be causing this? The pain/pressure is the ONLY symptom.

    • The liver is located in the upper Right hand quadrant
      of the abdomen, up under the rib cage.
      If you take your right hand and place it on the lower
      part of your front rib cage…that is where the liver
      and gallbladder are located.

      The spleen is located in the upper Left hand
      quadrant of the abdomen up under the rib
      cage in the front of body. But it is up
      higher than the liver is, on the other side.

      This is very hard to tell without the results of
      all your testing.

      If the liver cells become damaged, the immune
      system of the body would respond to this damage
      and cause inflammation inside the liver which
      would cause the liver to enlarge in size.
      This would cause discomfort in the upper
      right hand area, up under the rib cage. It
      would probably be a dull ache or pain and
      a fulllness feeling in this area.

      If this is the left hand part of the body, the
      spleen may be enlarged. This could
      occur if blood wasn’t flowing through
      the portal vein and is backing up
      into the spleen or some other cause.

      However, with all the scans you had
      done, they would of seen this.

      If there is build up of fat inside the liver
      this can cause liver cell damage and
      enlargement of both the liver and the
      spleen may occur. However, if someone
      has mononucleosis (which causes
      the glands in the neck and other areas to
      swell)…this can also cause this.

      The only true thing I can tell you is that
      you need to see a gastroenterologist, if
      you are not already. Also, consider
      getting a second opinion unless they
      can find out what this truly is.
      And then you could be sure that Fatty
      liver disease (advanced) is not the cause
      of it all. Fatty liver with inflammation is
      known as Steatohepatitis.
      Finding the cause of the fat build up
      and stopping it early on can help the
      problem be reversed and healing to
      take place.

  3. What does it mean when you have side pains?
    Eversince I was 13yrs old I had painful pains that is located below my left breast underneath my left rib cage. The pain always start when Im hungry, and after I eat, the throbing pain increases causing it to swell. Im 18 yrs old now and none of my doctors havent figure out whats causing this unbareable pain. Ive tooken ultra sound, bone scan, MRI, xrays, and no results. I think its a gastral problem but im not sure. Can someone please help me with an answer?

    • Pain in the left side like that can be related to pancreatitis. You should continue to look for a solution.

  4. Why is radiologist reffering me for a CAT scan?
    I had x-rays taken of my lower left rib cage on 4/29/08. There is swelling, and lots of pain. The radiologist said there was no fractures or breaks but if the pain and swelling doesn’t go away in 4 to 5 days I need to have a CAT scan. Why would I need a CAT scan if nothing showed up on my x-ray. Should I be worried?

    • IF the pain and swelling doesn’t go away, you should get a CAT scan.. IF. CAT scans shows more soft tissue than a simple x-ray does, so if you’ve got problems, chances are it’s not necessarily related to the bones themselves.

  5. Sudden pain under my left rib, rib is sore and swollen?
    I just noticed that my left rib area, under my breast is swollen and hurts when I touch it. I started working out again, but don’t recall hurting myself during workout. When I touch the rib below my breast, it is sore and hurts? Any advice? Going to doctor in the morning.

    • The intercostal muscle, is a muscle which lies between the ribs, has gone into spasm. This injury can be quite painful, but, isn’t serious.

      Often the reason for intercostal muscles going into spasm, is an indication of an underlying problem with back muscles. Your doctor will prescribe you with NSAID’s and painkillers, but, your best is to consult a physiotherapist. That is of course, once your doctor has given you the all clear that you have nothing serious.

  6. what does it mean if one side of your rib cage is swollen and painful?
    The left side of my rib cage is swollen and in a lot of pain. It hurts to stand or to breathe? What does that mean?

    • Basically you need to immediately consult a doctor.
      It might be a broken rib that might puncture any vital organs if you prolong it.
      Or if it is just a pain and doesnt have any swollen part, it might be a heartburn.
      But you should seek a medical attention.