Pain Under Rib Cage And Left Breast

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    I Have pain under my left rib cage & extreme bloating after eating, it is very uncomfortable for a few months.
    I am 43, female. The last few months I have been suffering from pain under my left rib cage and breast along with extreme bloating, which worsens after eating. I am miserable, any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      well, they say if you are......(the 4 f's....) Fat, forty, female, and fertile......gallbladder....get a HIDA scan and an ultrasound to rule that out.

      First....go see your doc for a referral to a gastroenterologist

      I hurt there too....anywhere ....even not on gallbladder side when I know it's my's called referred pain

    Sharp pain under left rib cage when breathing?
    This has happened to me for years and years since I was a little girl. I get a sharp pain under my left rib cage when I breath in. The pain shoots and radiates through my left breast. Then the pain goes away. Then I take another breath in, and it comes back. It hinders my breathing. It's a sharp pain. Then eventually it goes away. Any one know what this could be? I've gotten an EKG done before and it was inconclusive.

    • ANSWER:
      I have something similar to this. The doctor told me it happens when i sit and trap a nerve, she said it was no biggie, just a pain in the arse (or chest in this case).

      Mention trapped nerve to your doctor just to be sure.


    my left side under my breast which is my rib cage why does it hurt so painfully and sharp?
    i am 18 years of age.okay lately ive been haven pains under my breast on the left side
    which is my rib cage.and before i had gallbladder problems but
    really its not that at least i dont think again?! i never got it out! and then before school started i have diagnosed with pleursy which is
    inflammtion in my lungs.okay now my votech nursing assistant teacher
    says it could be gallstones or gallbladder! im afraid please someone help me!

    • ANSWER:
      see a QUALIFIED DOCTOR not some school nurse.

    What can cause a very sore rib cage/diaphragm?
    I have been having pain in my rib cage/diaphragm area with sharp chest pains under my left breast. The pain in my rib cagy is constant and hurts more when I cough. I haven't gone to the doctor yet and would like to know what it might be.

    • ANSWER:
      Pneumonia???? I had it a few years back and that sounds like what I had and it was only a dime sized location in my left lung. Definitely talk to your doc and have a chest xray done.

pain under rib cage and left breast

Pain Above Rib Cage Pregnancy

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    Discomfort in the uterus with car seat belt during early weeks of pregnancy?
    Has anyone ever had this sort of experience that they had pain (very light) in the lower part of uterus with their car seat belts while travelling?
    I had this experince with discomfort on the right side while the left side was ok. Even if I ever sit on floor to do yoga I feel discomfort at the same point.

    • ANSWER:
      My doctor told me that while pregnant, the uterus tilts a bit to the right side of your body, especially when your bladder is full and pushing on it. That might be why you experience pain in the right and not on the left.

      As for the seat belt - do NOT listen to the person above me. It is NOT safe for you to have the seatbelt above your belly under your rib cage (this isn't safe for anyone...). The safest way to wear the seatbelt when pregnant is to wear it low, across your hips and under your growing belly. That is from more than one pregnany information source.

    can an ectopic pregnancy be mistaken for a swollen appendix?
    on exactly which side of the uterus does the ectopic pregnancy happen? i've seen a lot of pictures on google and its confusing to tell whether its and ectopic lump or a swollen appendix.

    • ANSWER:
      An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the sperm fertilises the ova inside the fallopian tube instead of the womb and it implants there and starts to grow. The pain related to this is lower down towards to top of the front hip area. If the fetus grows in the fallopian tube it will burst it, cause internal bleeding and kill the pregnant woman. The side that the relevant pain and swelling occurs depends on which fallopian tube the fertilised ova implants itself in and starts to grow. The treatment is early termination of the pregnancy and in extreme case removal of the relevant fallopian tube.

      Web site info on ectopic pregnancies

      The pain related to a swollen appendix is higher up under the rib cage and tends towards but is not always in the middle of the stomach. This may be caused by stones in the appendix or an infection. A burst appendix, if not treated will result in death.

      Web site info on appendicitis

      I hope that this information is of some help in clearing the air for you. One condition,ectopic pregnancy, belongs to the reproductive organs and is unique to women. The other condition, appendicitis belongs to the general bodily functions of digestion and can be experienced by either men or women.


      To answer "Can an ectopic pregnancy be mistaken for a swollen appendix?" I would say they are in two different parts of the body. See information above. If you have someone at home and are unsure please see a doctor or go to your local hospital. Either condition could be fatal if they burst. On the other hand there could be other complications that only a qualified medical practitioner can sort out. Seek professional help especially if the person in question is in pain.

    Is it possible to be pregnant with a negative urine and blood test?
    HI, my name is Brooke. I am 16 years old. about 4 months ago, in march I had a sexual intercourse with my current boyfriend. I normally get my period at the beginning of every month, but come April and I didn't have a period at all. I took 4 home pregnancy test, which all came up positive. Now, at the time I did not have a medical card, so I couldn't go to my normal family doctor. I went to my local health department, to get a proof of pregnancy. Well, of course you have to take a pregnancy test, in order to get the proof of pregnancy. So, I took the test which also came up positive. I took my proof of pregnancy paper up to the medical card place, so I could be approved. I made an appointment with my normal gynecologist, but he was booked for an entire month, so I had to make another appointment at another womens health office. I went to the appointment, and the nurse did not pregnancy test me, she asked me all the normal questions that they would ask at a first normal prenatal visit, after that appointment they ordered my normal blood work. As I was getting my blood taken that day, I ended up passing out and having a seizure, and got sent directly to the ER. While I was at the ER, they diagnosed that as Vaso Vaguel Episodes, gave me fluids and did another pregnancy test, which was also positive. After leaving the hospital, I made another appointment with my OB doctor. During that visit, she did a normal pelvic exam, checked for protein in my urine, and told me I had RH - blood, by the date of my last period, I would've been 13 weeks and 4 days.. but when she checked my uterus, she said it was way too small for me to be that far along, then she ordered me an ultrasound so I could get an exact due date.. A few days later before I was supposed to go for my first ultrasound, I was having very severe headaches, almost like a migraine. I was also having very sharp pains in my life side, right under my rib cage, that extended to where I would normally have period cramps, accompanied with some blood in my urine. I went to the hospital, where they used a Doppler, to try an detect the babies heartbeat, the nurse heard it and said it was 158 beats per minuet. After the nurse did that, another lady came in and asked me to pee in a cup, so I did. just thinking that she was checking to see if there was any protein in my urine, like all the doctors before her had been doing. After I had peed in the cup, she returned to the room and asked if I could give another urine sample, so I did. After 20-30 minuets, she came back in to tell me that my urine test came back negative for pregnancy, so then she took some blood work to test for pregnancy, and HCG levels. After she did that, she came back in, and told me that my blood test was also negative, and that my levels, were below 1, and anything above 5 was considered an active pregnancy. She did not give me an exact answer, on whether or not I had miscarried, or had just not been pregnant all along. Those were the first tests to tell me that I WASNT pregnant. the weird thing is, is that for the past 4 months, I have not had a period. I STILL have all normal pregnancy symptoms. Is it possible that I am still pregnant and just got negative blood and urine tests? None of this makes any sense to me.. Especially since I still have not gotten my period, and the day at the hospital, the nurse told me the heart beat was 158.. I am so confused, and in such distress.. I really need some answers!!!

    • ANSWER:
      if its negative im guessing its wrong, you sound pregnant.

    Is it normal for your sternum to hurt when you lay on your side after having a baby?
    I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago, almost 9 pounds and it seems that the only position to breast feed that he likes is laying down, but when i lay on my side my sternum almost feels like it is bending in. ive tried propping pillows and such things but it still hurts. is that normal due to pregnancy or something? will it go away?

    • ANSWER:
      more likely... not...

      One cause of rib pain during pregnancy is increased pressure from the uterus. This pain comes from under the ribs as the uterus grows, and is caused by it pressing up and beneath the ribs and the rest of the chest. This upward force can be what causes the pain and you might also notice that you are short on breath.

      Other symptoms can include shoulder ache which is caused by pressure on nerves on the diaphragm linked to the shoulders; as well as indigestion or acid reflux as the baby places pressure on your stomach also.

      Another cause of rib pain during pregnancy is the increased weight of the breasts. As the breasts become larger, so do they place more weight on your rib cage as well as your spine. This can completely alter your posture by pulling your shoulders and head down which can cause the ache on the rib cage.

      Finally you will also find that you undergo a lot of changes to the muscles and the ligaments caused by alterations in your hormones. Combined with changes in your posture this can cause uncomfortable changes in position around your body including the ribs. There are many tiny muscles situated between our ribs in our chest, and as these change shape and position we might feel cramping and other pains. During pregnancy the rib cage is actually expanding to increase your lung capacity as well as to make room for the uterus and this can of course also cause discomfort.


      While there is usually nothing to worry about with regards to rib pain, you will nevertheless find that it is uncomfortable and undesirable and you will probably be looking for ways to alleviate the pain.

      Fortunately there are several things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. Here are some suggestions:


      Of course pain medication is a viable option to help ease the pain and while this won't address the cause it can make it much easier to put up with the discomfort.


      Altering your posture can have a huge impact on many of the causes of rib pain. You are likely to find that the pain in your ribs is worst when you are sitting down. This is because you are folding slightly just below the ribs, but also because you are more 'bunched up' creating less space inside your body for the growing uterus.

      To alleviate this pain then you can address it in several ways. One method is simply to keep your arms raised when you are sitting down. Rest them on arm rests that are above your rib cage for instance and this will help to pull your rib cage up and away from the uterus. Likewise simply standing and stretching your body upwards can provide temporary relief.

      You should also improve your posture in general to prevent cramping and to avoid back pain etc caused by your increased breast size. Practice rolling your shoulders back, keeping your back straight (when sitting, tucking your legs under a chair can help to improve this) and keeping your head and neck upright.

      See more...

      Good luck!

pain above rib cage pregnancy