Pain Under Rib Cage And Left Breast

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    I Have pain under my left rib cage & extreme bloating after eating, it is very uncomfortable for a few months.
    I am 43, female. The last few months I have been suffering from pain under my left rib cage and breast along with extreme bloating, which worsens after eating. I am miserable, any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      well, they say if you are......(the 4 f's....) Fat, forty, female, and fertile......gallbladder....get a HIDA scan and an ultrasound to rule that out.

      First....go see your doc for a referral to a gastroenterologist

      I hurt there too....anywhere ....even not on gallbladder side when I know it's my's called referred pain

    Sharp pain under left rib cage when breathing?
    This has happened to me for years and years since I was a little girl. I get a sharp pain under my left rib cage when I breath in. The pain shoots and radiates through my left breast. Then the pain goes away. Then I take another breath in, and it comes back. It hinders my breathing. It's a sharp pain. Then eventually it goes away. Any one know what this could be? I've gotten an EKG done before and it was inconclusive.

    • ANSWER:
      I have something similar to this. The doctor told me it happens when i sit and trap a nerve, she said it was no biggie, just a pain in the arse (or chest in this case).

      Mention trapped nerve to your doctor just to be sure.


    my left side under my breast which is my rib cage why does it hurt so painfully and sharp?
    i am 18 years of age.okay lately ive been haven pains under my breast on the left side
    which is my rib cage.and before i had gallbladder problems but
    really its not that at least i dont think again?! i never got it out! and then before school started i have diagnosed with pleursy which is
    inflammtion in my lungs.okay now my votech nursing assistant teacher
    says it could be gallstones or gallbladder! im afraid please someone help me!

    • ANSWER:
      see a QUALIFIED DOCTOR not some school nurse.

    What can cause a very sore rib cage/diaphragm?
    I have been having pain in my rib cage/diaphragm area with sharp chest pains under my left breast. The pain in my rib cagy is constant and hurts more when I cough. I haven't gone to the doctor yet and would like to know what it might be.

    • ANSWER:
      Pneumonia???? I had it a few years back and that sounds like what I had and it was only a dime sized location in my left lung. Definitely talk to your doc and have a chest xray done.

pain under rib cage and left breast