Sharp Shoulder Pain When Sneezing

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    What are these sharp pains above my left breast & shooting around to my back?
    Last couple days I've noticed a sharp pain that will start right above my left breast. It happens when I take a deep breath or yawn. Its extending now to my back & down my side.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi.Well,it 'may' be a medical condition known as Costochondritis.And,with this medical condition comes muscular/skeletal pain that starts at the chest area,and the pain can also radiate to the arm,shoulder and even to the back areas.The pain gets worse upon inhaling,taking a deep breath,coughing,sneezing touching or applying pressure to that area.You should consult with your doctor before self diagnosing or even taking my suggestion to this medical condition.I only offered my opinion as to what this 'may' be,and not a diagnoses.But,with this most common in young ages 7-18,and also more common in woman at any age.I hope you do see your doctor if this persists,and hopefully everything checks out fine for you.Take care.

    What is this pain under my shoulder blade?
    Whenever I sneeze or cough I get a really sharp pain under my shoulder blade. Is this something bad.

    • ANSWER:
      Doesn't sound like it. If it were something serious you would feel it more often. You can tell the doctor the next time you go to see him. Don't make a seperate trip, unless it gets worse.pp

    when sneezing i have a sharp pain in my left side. any ideas besides a pulled muscle?
    i don't want the answer of a pulled muscle. i know it is not a pulled muscle. this has occurred many times in the past couple months. when i sneeze i get a sharp pain in my left side, more lower then higher. any ideas? what should i do? i am a 17yr old male.

    • ANSWER:
      Yo, I am a 17 year old guy too, and the same thing happened to me. It was in my left shoulder, you know kind of in the back. When I would sneeze there would be a sharp pain right where my shoulder blade was. I went to my doctor, and she asked me if I had been doing any weight training or strenuous activity. I went a little overboard a week before when doing some weight lifting and a little too much throwing. She said that I had torn my left rotator cuff. I basically did not use my left arm for a month and it went away. Maybe yours is reoccurring because you are continuing to use your left arm and shoulder.

    What could cause pain between my spine and shoulder-blade when I inhale?
    I recently blew my noise and then inhaled deeply, at which time I felt a sharp pain in my back between my spine and shoulder blade on the right side. This pain has continued often as I inhale.

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously any sharp or deep pain should be investigated further by your health practitioner to rule out any organic problems. This sort of presentation is common with a dislocated or "popped" rib, and in an older more fragile person possibly a rib fracture. These can be painful and difficult to diagnose sometimes even on xray. This can occur from some sort of strenuous or repetitious activity ie shoveling or lifting or from an impact injury, straining (a sneeze) or like in contact sports. If you have visited your health practitioner and they have ruled out the more serious possibilities, I would suggest seeing either your Chiropractor, physio or massage therapist to address any structural problems that may be there. If it persists they should have an xray done at a minimum. Healing time could depend on a persons specific history and general condition.

    Pain on my left abdomen what could it be?
    I have been having a sharp pain in my left abdomen right under my rib cage and also in my left shoulder for a few days now. It hurts when breathe. Ithurts when you push on it. I canteen sneeze. When ingot get that last bigbreat to sneeze,my sneeze goes away bc I cant get a good enough breath. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:

    What is this pain in my back and chest?
    Hi, Im a 30 year old female, reasonable healthy i think. I sometimes have this pain in between my breast and in between my shoulder blades at the same time. Feels like there is a grapefruit stuck in my esophagus. This pain is very intense. It kind of worries me but im scared to go to the ER and them not find anything wrong and i will feel really stupid. Any ideas on what all it could be?

    • ANSWER:
      You may have costochondritis which is inflammation between your ribs and your sternum.See your Doc, you cant ask questions like this just on a board it could be so many different things. Here's some info,

      Costochondritis (Tietze's syndrome)
      Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the inner end of each rib with the breastbone (sternum).

      It can occur in any age group and is most common in young adults. Exactly how common it is in the UK is not known but in the US costochondritis has been shown to account for 10 per cent of chest pain episodes in the community and 30 per cent of people with chest pain presenting as an emergency to hospital.
      The risk of developing costochondritis increases with any physical activity that causes trauma or strain to the ribcage. It is a benign condition usually of short duration that resolves completely. Sometimes though it can recur or become persistent.
      The predominant symptom is a sharp pain in the affected area, most commonly involving the second or third ribs, which are often very tender to touch. (Ribs are counted down from the top and the first rib lies under the collar bone.)

      The pain is usually related to movement, coughing and sneezing and can occur in more than one place simultaneously.

      Pain can also radiate into the arm and can be associated with a feeling of tightness in the chest. These are also the symptoms of a heart attack, so it is always necessary to take them seriously and make the diagnosis of costochondritis with care.
      The person's medical history and results of examination are usually sufficient, but if the pattern of pain suggests that it could be heart pain it needs to be thoroughly investigated.
      First, ensure that you consult your doctor and have the diagnosis properly confirmed. If possible, avoid any movements that aggravate the symptoms.
      Self-treatment with simple painkillers, including non-steroidal inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (eg Nurofen) is quite acceptable (provided you can tolerate such medicines - your pharmacist will be able to advise you on this).
      The doctor's role is to give reassurance regarding the nature of the condition and provide treatment advice.
      The patient has often already tried mild painkillers but stronger painkillers do not necessarily help the symptoms. Any doubt over the diagnosis will require further investigation.

    My arm still hurts after getting grazed by a bus?
    I got hit by a bus rear view mirror while commuting to school on my bike a few days ago. It only contacted my lower left shoulder girdle. My arm (triceps area) hurts when I sneeze or when I try to do push ups/pull ups, but only then. Should I be concerned about this or will it just go away?

    • ANSWER:
      As long as you dont feel a sudden sharp pain or hear any crackling everything should be intact. You should just rest and ice it for a couple days.

    Why do I have pain after sneezing?
    When I sneeze I usually will have these sharp pains that take my breath away and make me freeze up because it hurts to move. Usually the pains run down both of my arms and then there is numbing for a minute or two, then it goes away. Sometimes it affecets my shoulders and collar bone area as well with the same kind of symptoms? I've tried doing resarch but have yet to find anything on this... I'm about tired of this.

    • ANSWER:
      You may be experiencing some kind of muscle spasm brought on by the act of sneezing which really involves many muscles in your body. You could have some pinched nerves which are aggravated by the sneeze and result in the symptoms you describe. Sneezing really involves your whole body.

    How long can you take 1600 mg of Ibuprofen?
    I started having stiff shoulder radiating to fingers making them numb. Chiropractor xrayed neck - adjusted & pain was horrible!! Recommended MRI - showed 4 bulging disc in my neck and compressed spinal cord. Being sent to neurosurgeon 31st - was given Soma 350 mg - doesn't help the sharp nerve pain in arm at all - Tramadol 50 mg 1-2 times day but makes me queasy - Ibuprofen just works better - 2 - 200 mg 4 - 5 times a day - 1600 mg - 2000 mg daily - keeps the pain from getting ahead of me - always take with food - but how long can you take it - MD said as long as I tell you too - grrrr - going on 3 weeks now and another 2 weeks before appt with neurosurgeon. MD has restricted any strenuous activities - but the pain and ache is always there especially when I sneeze or cough - WOW !!!

    • ANSWER:
      Until you're cured, the pain will always be there. Pain medication is simply that, it helps relieve the pain. As with any drug, after taking for long periods of time, the helpfullness will start to wear off. There is no set time simply because everybody's body is different. You could probably take Ibuprofen for 2 months and it still works, I could take it for 2 weeks and it may lose its effect for me. Most people don't become addicted to Ibuprofen so I think you're good as long as you take it easy. God bless.

    Pain under left breast area all the way to my left shoulder & left lung?
    when i cough & sneeze it is very painful in the back area by my left lung/shoulder.. when i reach for something i get a sharp pain under my left breast.

    could it be lung infection, breast cancer, lung cancer, heart disease etc.

    what are your thoughts?

    i've had a chest xray when i started getting the pain (2 months ago) and it was normal.. could the xray miss anything like cancer etc?

    • ANSWER:
      It may be a strained muscle. Consult with your doctor on the pain issue. The doctor might recommend muscle relaxers or a specialist to loosen the muscle.

    Why does my collarbone hurt when I inhale deeply?
    Anytime I yawn, cough, sneeze, or otherwise breathe deeply, I have a sharp pain in my collar, almost on my right shoulder. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Could be bruised or even fractured, if its causing you alot of pain, go see a doctor.

    Lately whenever I sneeze I get a sharp pain in my back and shoulders, lasts about a minute, is this normal?
    Its been like that for about a year or longer give or take. Just kinda ignore it. But I have been terribly sick over the last few days and its been really annoying me, is it an actual problem I should get checked out or something I should just deal with?

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to consider how you are sleeping, what kind of bed you have etc. It just sounds like the muscles in your back aren't getting rest. I doubt it is anything to really worry about. To help the pain use an anti inflammatory (eg. ibuprofen).

    Why do my arms hurt when I sneeze?
    When ever I sneeze I get a sharp pain that runs from my shoulder blades and goes all the way down to my elbows. The pain usually stays a couple seconds after I sneeze, but it hurts bad. It's been doing this since as long as I can remember. But not every time I sneeze, just some times.

    • ANSWER:
      there's this stuff around your muscles called fascia. it is supposed to be super stretchy like elastic but if it had any trauma, it can tighten up causing a lot of pain. if you can find a physio therapist that does myofascial release & have him/her check you over, maybe it's the problem & they can help.

sharp shoulder pain when sneezing